PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #9014 - S22 Begins 5/14

Just a heads up, I’ve had a lot going on with life/work, and am going to be travelling this weekend starting Thursday evening. So, new season will start soon, but give me a couple weeks to wrap my head around a new spreadsheet and get a rough schedule cobbled together. Good news is the US Open version of LACC will be published the week after the event, so I definitely want to get that on the schedule.



Edit: Golf news has arrived



Welcome new and returning players, this will be the information post for our third season on 2K23. The new season is scheduled to begin on 7/10, and will run through mid-September.

We are continuing to try to build the player base on Tour, if we get enough active players to warrant having team play again, we absolutely will bring that back. Last season was a test run for a handicapping system and it was a success, so expect a big playoff event at the end, the test showed that truly anyone can win if they play well.

This is the new spreadsheet, if you are a NEW player please sign up by adding your Refuge handle to the Flight Status-Player List tab. The first event of the season will be your qualifying (if you played/signed up last season, you are still on there and assigned to your flight):

General Information:

  • Events run Tuesday to Sunday, Mondays are maintenance days for flighting new players and to update championship points. See the Schedule tab in the spreadsheet for the full season schedule with dates for each event.
  • Tie breakers for 1st place in each flight are (in order): Final round score, penultimate round score.
  • Battlefield flight promotion after 3 wins is in effect through event 5, after that there will be no movement. A battlefield promotion will carry over half points.
  • The playoff at the end of the regular season is a full field event which is handicapped based on season performance.
  • In order to qualify for the playoff, you MUST have played in a minimum of 6 events if you played the two majors, 7 events with 1 major, or 8 events with no majors. This requirement is to meet the minimum number of rounds to calculate your handicap.

Prize breakdown for the playoff is as follows:

Podium places get shop credit:
1st: $125
2nd: $75
3rd: $25

*NOTE: The Commissioner (Jeff_M) is not eligible for prizes. If he places on the podium of the playoff, the prize will be pushed to the next eligible player.

Tour Player Rules:

  • No chipping on greens unless your path to the hole is impeded by rough, sand, etc.
  • If you do not post a score in the spreadsheet for an event, it will be deemed a DNF. Each week I will try to go through and remind folks who have blank spots, but please do your best to keep up with this so scores and points can be totaled in a timely manner.
  • Use your best judgement and don’t be a scumbag.

New players joining mid-season:

  • Qualifying is open through the season, sign up by adding your name to the Flight Status - Player List tab in the spreadsheet. The current event will serve as your qualifying.
  • First, find the NLU society in the game on your platform. The society should be called NLU Refuge Tour. We are on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.
  • Take note of the difficulty settings so you know what to expect. You can find this info on the Difficulty Settings tab in the spreadsheet
  • Take note of the Rules, you can also find a tab for this in the spreadsheet
  • Play the current event and post your scores as a Qualifier to the appropriate event tab.
    you will be flighted depending on your finishing position in the event.
    Last note here, the in game society events run on GMT, they start at midnight GMT and end at 1am GMT. Just pay attention to this and the dates on the Schedule to ensure you don’t miss playing an event.


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PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #8262 - S19 Begins 7/10

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Excited to get back out on the virtual links as we descend into the depths of hell with this heat wave down south

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Just added my name to the sheet. looking forward to seeing how poorly I do in the first event/qualifying! Unless I’m missing something I don’t see a current event on the sheet?

Glad to have you! I will be working on the schedule later tonight, gotta get some courses and settings dialed up, first event starts on 7/10


First 4 events are posted in the schedule, I will work on the rest over the next week or two. 5858


Good thing the first event isn’t until the 10th. Apparently I’ve been playing on much lower settings so I just got wrecked the first time I tried these ones! Going to be a learning curve!


Welcome to the Thunderdome

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The distance control is the big adjustment, club tells me what it will do at 100% but then I hit it 102% and its woefully short. How I miss that target line!

How do we feel about a fantasy-ish style course? Too much, or do people prefer to play “realistic” courses?


i say mix it up, we’ve had like 4 straight years of normal courses


Everyone hold on to your butts, second half of the season will have some bangers


Might do a short silly season to bridge between S19 and 20. Might be mini golf/putt putt involved.

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Golf by Intel.

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I should have my local muni done in a few weeks, Could throw that at the end of the short season

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tenor - 2021-04-04T100039.169

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Dammit, this one isn’t ported to 23. Sorry to let you all down. cc @notjustinkaiser

mugatu spilling coffee


First four events are set up on Xbox. I’ll try not to let you folks down this year.

I also threw up a Pebble Beach event in honor of the US Women’s Open


Shameless self plug, I would welcome any and all feedback on my beta of Sedgefield CC, which is my home course. From 2K21 to 23 the object meter got totally messed up and I had to go through and delete a bunch of stuff and figure things out, then I was working out how to add a first cut of rough and make it work around bunkers and greens. I still have work to do on random aesthetic things such as fences, but I’d welcome feedback on the course. If something is weird/bad, lighting isn’t right, all good feedback.

Just published under SCCBeta2, so it may take a day to propagate to the consoles