PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #9014 - S22 Begins 5/14

Slight update, I have been messing with the LIDAR data/importer, and have been very sucesssfull

I went and found it was very easy to get the LIDAR data for one of my favorite courses, Gold Mountain.

2 18 hole courses built over and around a very much literall mountain
Our Local roost has had some creative discussions about a “functional” routing that combines the best of each of the 18, so instead of just starting with one course, I’m focusing on that routing for now, and will publish the separate 18’s at some point.

My home course, Allenmore, also got the LIDAR treatment, Still working on making it properly detailed and getting the greens right before publishing it, but it doesn’t need as much work.


Edit: Birds eye update

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I just uploaded a course called New England Dreamin’. I would love some feedback on it. I know one tee box (10 white) isn’t level and that bums me out a bit, but I’d like to know what y’all think.


I should have time to play the game a bit this week so will definitely dive into some courses.

For right now we have a couple off-season events this week and next, there is scoring in the spreadsheet. If we get enough participation we can allow new qualifiers to use these events to be flighted, but we need enough of a field to compare scores.

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Is there a good guide out there on how to import LIDAR data? How’s the learning curve for this? Would love to do my homecourse Tijuana CC.

Off-Season #1 posted to PS. Sorry for the delay

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@Jeff_M Do a JBors Dumpster Fire at Eastlake. Bet you won’t.

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There are a few

I watched this guys 3 videos

The biggest thing I noticed that I DIDN’T have to do, was “publish” a course in TGC to get it into 2k23. You just have to open it in TGC designer once, so it does the auto save, and then you can copy the file directly into the 2k23 Courses folder and start editing away if you choose to use 2k23 as your main editing tool. I know a lot of people do more editing in TGC.

Assuming you are talking about this game on PC? Or am I an idiot and there is a way to do this on Xbox/PS5?

The TGCTours forums are also a good resource, there is a section dedicated to LiDAR tools and help

Yes, PC. As far as I know there is no way to import LIDAR on console.

Finally play through 3 rounds to re-qualify. Had a hard time putting in round 1, Though I found some momentum in round 2, and then just flatlined/back slid a bit in round 3. LPCP for me (If I’m allowed to qualify in the off season)

I’ll have to see at the end of the week if there’s enough scores from other players to compare against, but generally over par is consistent with LPCP so we should be ok

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Had to put the game down for a while doing basement renos that are now done. Should I requalify? I was in LPCP before

Recently started trying to qualify for the TGCTours tours. Was a kick in the nuts to find out they do Master swings with out the power meter. Ideally trying to qualify every week with those setting will transfer to better scores here…ideally…

After a while, you may actually find the swing meter a distraction. I stopped using it for everything but putting for a while, and now don’t even use it for putting. If I try to play a live match, it actually really bothers me that I can’t turn it off. It takes some time to get used to, though. Playing on master will probably help you here, though.

Is ‘Los Angeles C.C. - North (LiDAR)’ what we should be playing this week to get ready for the US Open on TV?

@mctrees02 @Jeff_M and anyone else who designs courses… is there a good version of LACC? I want to play it a bunch to get ready for the weekend.

Looks like this is a good one from the TGCTours forum, course name Los Angeles - North (M)

PithyDoctorG is waiting until after this week to publish the tourney version though, so he can see what pins and tees the USGA uses.

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