PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #9014 - S22 Begins 5/14

I play much better on the real courses but think fantasy type course belong in league play so that we aren’t just doing a mule run every season. The only courses I really don’t want to play are the ones where stroke maxes become frequent due to poor design if that makes sense. One bad shot shouldn’t result in a dnf because the ball is stuck at the bottom of a hill that is literally not figuratively impossible to get up.

That’s fair. There are limits to the game’s shotmaking that may render this a possibility if you go far enough offline and the designer didn’t mark it OB, but it will just have to be a judgment call to take an unplayable. I will definitely strive to find venues where this is not a common occurrence, at least.

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Refuge Tour Communications - For Immediate Release

We are officially playing for shop credit, big thank you and shoutout to @ChickPhilA and the small shop for making this possible.

Prize breakdown for the playoff is as follows:

Podium places:
1st: $125
2nd: $75
3rd: $25



I can’t wait to get home Sunday and shoot 100

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How do I get back in this league

Sheet is linked in the info post, I added your name to the player list so just play the first event and that will be your qualifying. Welcome back!

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If I could stop hitting tee shots into water about twice a round o might break par.


My nightmare of never being able to hit a perfect swing timing may be over. Since the game launched I’ve done the swing calibration countless times thinking it was somehow helping, when in reality I was digging myself more into a hole. I’d swing and it would show the marker covering 98% of the white line, but it would be fast or slow. I broke down and did the steps below to reset everything and at first go on the range, it seems to have worked, I hit perfect timing swings on Master difficulty for the first time in a year.

For info on the swing calibration and if it’s something that may be useful to you (on the consoles it might be, just depends on your setup)

Steps I took to reset the game (and I can confirm it kept my progress, I just had to re-apply clubs/apparel/fittings. I had a lot of VC saved up but you will have to spend to apply all your fittings again):

  1. Exit PGA 2K23
  2. Switch steam into ‘offline’ mode
  3. Close steam
  4. In Documents/My Games, rename the folder PGA Tour 2K23 into PGA Tour 2K23 backup
  5. Remove internet cable from PC (or switch off your router)
  6. Restart PC
  7. Start steam and the game PGA 2K23 and you will be greeted with a new/clean game
  8. After you get back into the main menu, close down the game
  9. Close steam
  10. Plug back in the internet cable (or switch on router)
  11. Start steam and switch to ‘online’ mode
  12. Start the game back again

Maybe 1 or 2 steps too many but better be safe than sorry. This resets the appearance of your character and the calibration. You will maintain your progress (money, fittings, skills, level, career progress, sponsors, won cloths, amount of pay-to-win balls).

Are you saying that if our swing timing is bad, it’s cumulative and there’s no way to fix it?

Not necessarily, but as far as I can work out, the calibration makes micro-adjustments in an attempt to get it to “perfect”. I have heard that if you go in to calibrate and do 5 fast and 5 slow swings, it gets it more back to default state.

There is a guide for how to do the same reset on Xbox, although I’m not sure there is a similar way to do it on Playstation.


Bottom line, if you’re able to hit perfect swings, you’re set. If the marker is 100% on the white and it’s not perfect, it might be an issue

I can’t even purposefully hit fast or slow swings. I literally have no idea on swing mechanics.

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It’s tricky, took some practice on the range for me to get a feel for it. Even so, I don’t think I managed to do 5 fast/5 slow even once, there was always one swing that came in the opposite of what I wanted.

On PS5 the game has been super glitchy for me lately. Like every shot, I go to swing, my backswing starts, then abruptly stops. I don’t hit the ball, so it doesn’t cost me a stroke, but it really screws up my timing when the swing actually works. It will happen like two or three times on every shot before the swing actually works. I’ve read people who say it’s the controller and I need a new one, but I’ve not had a problem with the controller in any other game.

I’ve heard that the game is extremely sensitive to the stick control, I had an old PS4 controller that was wonky, similar to the issues you have. It was fine in other games but when I switched to a new one the issues disappeared. I’d give another controller a go and see if it makes a difference.

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Folks, it’s opening day for our new season. Welcome to any new or returning players, plese see the info post above #8262 that includes a basic overview of things and also a link to the spreadsheet. If any questions or issues come up please let me know!



(this will be a fun fantasy course I hope)


The piped in bird sounds so far in round one are insane. I have to mute my tv.

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My bird guy is on vacation this week

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So far I stink at 2k23

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