PAIRINGS AT POST 50 - A Farewell To World Woods - May 15th, 2022 - Brooksville, FL

I’ve gotten to know the team transforming World Woods into Cabot Citrus Farms, and they’ve graciously offered to host a meetup of NLUers in advance of the courses closing for 18 months on 5/31. I’m really looking forward to a last look at the courses before comparing and contrasting upon reopening. Additional news on the redevelopment here and here.

Link to sign up here: Sign Up

The meetup will include:

  • 18 or 36 holes at a discounted rate ($55 for 18 or $75 for 36)
  • two drink tickets
  • a (soon-to-be) vintage :wink: World Woods hat
  • A casual discussion about the courses where we can all play armchair golf course architect

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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and look forward to seeing you there!


Why you gotta do this to me us?

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Oh snap. I missed this one. I saw @PGA_ALLTHEWAY’s 5/21 event.

Yeah, can’t make it with the Daytona event already on the books. Any flexibility on the world woods date?


A lot of flexibility. Basically just at the mercy of the existing tee sheet. Here are a few options:

  • 5/7
  • 5/15
  • 5/22

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If we’re flexible on the date I’d love to get in on this

They are. 15th is definitely the preferred option, but if the 7th or 22nd are overwhelmingly favored then those can be arranged too.

I voted for 5/7 simply because it would be 5 straight golf weekends in 5 different cities. Never gonna make the tour but we can live like it


Also voted 5/7 with other venues already in play for the other weekends.

Edit: @kblewis14 could this be War of the World Woods reincarnated?



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I’m 100% intrigued…

I want to maintain my track record of @NoLayovers’s event participation of 100% even though he has not returned the favor.



This hurts so much to read because I know it’s true.

You win: I promise to play the next event you host

I win: You pay for my round at World Woods?


So if we play this before my event…

you’ll come?

You said registration was closed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m make some room for my palatka bro

Just make sure your country ass actually wears a polo to my event


I think I’ve got one around here somewhere…


Ok, after some back and forth, I think we’re going to lock this in for May 15th. Daniel Knight, who is leading Cabot’s effort at World Woods/Cabot Citrus Farms, is tentatively scheduled to join us.

This is also officially a Roost event for the Splash of OJ Roost. Format TBD.

Sign Up Here


@ASplashOfOJ get involved!


Definitely interested. Have to square away a couple things on the adjoining weekends but should be able to join up. Would be cool to get one more round at WW before the overhaul.

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Any thoughts on what the format would be for this one?