Orville & Wilbur Present: The Big wRight Miss 3, June 29th, 2024 (info and sign up post 186)

The @FirstFlight’s 3rd and final “Air Show” of the summer will be held at Wilmington Muni. It will coincide with the end of the Propeller Cup season before we announce our regional team participants. We are aiming for a field of 40, holding the first 30 spots for First Flight Aviators and the final 10 for anyone wanting to #getinvolved.

When: June 17th, 2022

Tee Times: 10 times, 9:33a-1054a (roughly 9 min apart),

Participants: 40 spots, 30 reserved for FF Aviators/spouses, kids, etc & remaining 10 for random Refugee’s. May be able to secure additional tee times if there is enough demand.

Format: Front 9 Shamble (75% individual handicap), Back 9 Best Ball (90% individual handicap), Total Best Ball Scoring
-Handicaps rounded to the nearest whole number then broken into 9 hole shot totals.
-Example: Tyler 2.1 index, 4 course handicap from tips, shamble @ 75% = 3 course (either 2 or 1 shots depending on side distribution), best ball @ 90% = 3.6 course rounds to 4 (2 shots for side distribution)
-Based off 2021 USGA recommendations.
-2 man teams, pick your own partner.

First Flight Points Allocation: 50/20/10/8/6/4/2 split between winning teams.

Charities: 1st Tee of Wilmington & Bunkers in Baghdad
-used club and ball drive
-monetary donation of $10 if no material donations to go to the first tee and cover shipping cost to bunkers


It’s like the name of this tournament was made just to trigger me….


it may have crossed my mind… so maybe?

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y’all are honoring this guy with an event?


Nah, he’s from Indiana wouldn’t be the same.

I’m based about an hour and a half from the ole Muni, would love to attend


Put your name on the sign up sheet in the first post. As the 1st person on the waitlist, you have a 99.9% chance of getting in.

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I’ve waited all my life for odds like that!


Well lucky for you, there isn’t a waitlist currently so you are in the field!

Are you in the First Flight roost?

Full transparency - I am fairly new here, have no idea what you’re talking about :joy:


Oh man you are in for a treat…

Paraphrasing @BrooklynAJ slightly, “things may get weird but remember you are amongst friends.”

The roosts are a new thing within the refuge trying to get more people playing together within their local areas. GSO eastward towards the coast is referred to as the First Flight. I’m sure others could explain it way better than me (@Swing_hard_and_hope).


I love it. Where do I find the First Flight roost?

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Here you go



We also have 2 WhatsApp threads

The Chatham Lawn Club (basically the umbrella of the Carolina’s Roosts)

First Flight Roost @Swing_hard_and_hope can add you to that.

If joining the WhatsApp threads, turn off notifications (for your sanity) and auto downloads of images (for your phone battery and data usage sake)


Hey everyone - much like @Hdballin I’m new here and just recently moved to the Raleigh area. Looking forward to playing some golf!

@Swing_hard_and_hope would you mind adding me to the First Flight Roost?


Welcome @FlyingTimato!! You are in good company…for the most part :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting you at some point…Hop on the WhatApp chats provided above if you want in on some additional action…


Welcome, @FlyingTimato . Newbies gotta stick close together :rofl:

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@JNorwoodFive Thank you! Hahah likewise looking forward to meeting you. Just joined the WhatsApp, appreciate it.

@Hdballin Hahah yessir absolutely!