Orville & Wilbur Present: The Big wRight Miss 3, June 29th, 2024 (info and sign up post 186)

Quick Updates:

If everyone could work on finding a partner and start entering them into the spread sheet the flight controllers and ground crew will begin working on tee times/pairings. If you are new to the @FirstFlight/Refuge/CLC and don’t know anyone @JoeCostello/myself will gladly help out and get you paired up. Hint Hint contact the sandbagging scum @JNorwoodFive if you want to win! Same for anyone not paired up by say end of the day Sunday June 12th, we will randomly pair. We will try to get pairings out by the end of the following week so everyone has time to connect and begin bantering. For special tee time requests please reach out to me directly via DM here, WhatsApp, Text.

Donations of used clubs, balls, misc equipment will be accepted to give to the First Tee of Wilmington/Bunkers in Baghdad. Additionally, if you dont have any items to donate and/or would like to provide any monetary donations to aid in the shipping of the clubs/balls to Bunkers that would be greatly appreciated!

I have secured 3 tee times at Pine Valley for Friday afternoon starting at 1:30pm. With it still being 3 or so weeks out we do have the option of moving those to later but need to do so ASAP. I updated a tab on the spreadsheet for additional round sign up, add yourself if you want to play. We can play fivesomes at Pine Valley so room for up to 15 aviators.

Joe will be adding Sunday rounds at River Landing up in Wallace but can’t get tee times until 2 weeks outs so look for updates to come on those.


@AirMailWedges blame the USGA…You start averaging 40 putts a round along with a couple doubles and triples and see what wonders it can do for you as well :)…With that being said I am looking forward to it!

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Gents - hate to miss this but I have to be in London for work this weekend. Look forward to meeting you all soon but have to bow out here - regretfully removed my name from the list. Cheers


Anyone completely out of the FF points race and just want a decent hang? Hit me up.

@deez_nauts get in there!

edit: I see you have signed up, you @Fore20 @Easydeal , y’all should be on the same tee time

edit 2: also @Smidler in there, basically Young 2.0


Flight control has noted the proposed flight plans

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I’m up for playing with anyone and I will add that I’ve played the Muni many times over the last 20+ years so if your in the points race I can Sherpa with the best of them.


unfortunately im going to bail if i cant find somewhere reasonably priced to stay with the lady

definitely not spending $651 to stay 2 nights at the silver gull motel, thats for sure

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That’s fair, downtown probably has some airbnb that would make it worth it. DT is not too far from the course either, lots of good food and such.

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I’m out of the points race and would be down to play if the spot is still open. Been a crazy couple months from me due to a number of things so haven’t had a chance to play much outside of my Bandon Trip (that I’m still trying to get home from as I sit in the Seattle airport for 9 hours due to a cancelled flight).

I am going to try and request an earlier tee time if possible as my wife and I are making a little vacation out of it with some non-golf friends so not sure if that’s convenient for you or not.

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It is with a heavy heart that I must withdraw from the final FF major. While I appreciate everything the FF tour has done for me, the latest offer form LIV golf is just to compelling. I must do what is right for me and my family.

Too much going on in that time frame, and work is beginning to sniff out the NC work trips often fall adjacent to other activities.


Very sad to hear this but at the same time thanks for the laugh…I needed it lol

The wife and I were planning on making this a weekend trip, but we can’t justify the prices for lodging. I am still planning on making the drive down from GSO for the day, but if there ends up being a waitlist and other folks want to get in, I would not have an issue giving up the spot. I’ve double checked the dates for the Roost Club Championship and I know I won’t be able to make the trip, so the points are just bragging rights for me now.

Reminder for all to try and find a partner by the end of today. If you don’t have one, no worries @JoeCostello and myself will pair people in the most comfy of pairings we see fit.

Also, tee time requests please get to joe or myself by midweek so we can roll pairings out.

And lastly, find those scuffed up balls and old clubs in the garage for our donations to First Tee of Wilmington and Bunkers in Baghdad.


I’m gonna need a bigger box

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I’ve got lots of balls.

Long term forecast for next week looks warm… @rkris bring the goldbond for the turn!

Still have plenty of room for additional signups so keep recruiting! I will have to give back open tee times this Sunday.


Pre-powdering is key, reapplication in jocks and socks as the day wears on will separate the newbies from the vets. I suggest travel size GB as an addition to y’all medical kit.

Also, real feel of 94 in late June in Wilmy? That’s good news. Also, pray for the juniors out that PM—wind gusts of 30? Sheesh.


@Myersisabitch is out on the Big Wright Miss

@dkay is also out.

We are now down to 30 aviators participating. Ideally, we find 2 more to fill out a field of 32 and have even 4-somes. If y’all know anyone who might be interested lets work on recruiting!

Getting pumped for next weekend!