Olympic Prolific 4: Gearhart Golf Links, OR - Sept. 13 & 14, 2024 - Signups in Post 15


That’s right. The OP is back for its 4th edition!

Ollie the Orca is on the move again.


Ollie accepted an invitation from the new Oregon Roost to swim down the coast and co-host the major for both the @PNWCrew and @LCHC’s Mudders for 2024 at Gearhart Golf Links.

I’ll have signups and some additional info soon. However, here’s what I CAN tell you thus far.

  • 72 spots available. Tee times start at 11:00 on Friday, Sept. 13th & tee times start at 9:00 on Saturday, Sept. 14th. Should provide some golden hour time on Friday and plenty of time to celebrate on Saturday with no rush to leave as Sunday is a “do anything you want” or “depart” day. Tee times can be “picked” in the sign-up sheet for Friday, but Saturday tee times will be based on standings.

  • The golf rate is $110 per player, per day ($220). I think that is “fees included,” but when I ask for payment, I will double-check this. I will have to pay it all as a lump sum, so there will likely be sometime near the start of August where, if I don’t have record of payment, I’ll have to cancel your spot so I’m not penalized. It also means that after a certain point, a cancellation means you won’t get your money back unless Jason at Gearhart is feeling generous or someone can fill your spot and pay you. I will be running back the $20 charity deposit idea from last year, so assuming I have the $220 cost of golf correct, it’ll be a payment of $240 to me.

EDIT: I confirmed that I had my details about the payment correct, so it is a $240 per player payment for the golf and charity components. You can Venmo @ Matthew-Essig. The profile picture is the same as on here. If you’re Canadian, DM me cause I can do Paypal, too.

  • Since I’m sure @RyMo will ask, riding carts are optional and $20 per player, per day.

  • As it is a co-hosted major, I believe that guarantees at least 2 NIT spots available. Hopefully, @Privatecollection can confirm that :smile:

  • There will be as many flights as NIT spots to give out. If there are two spots like I assume, my plan is to have a low cap flight limited to 9.9/single digit or lower where everyone who enters the flight is required to play The Stones, and a free tee choice flight of Blacks, Whites, Greens, or Craic Combos. Both flights are still playing a net competition.

  • The format will be the combined score of two rounds of American Quota again.

If you don’t know what that is Combining Quota and Stableford. Quota’s great cause it incorporates pops but you don’t have to worry about which holes are pop holes. Stableford is great cause there’s still a punishment for truly bad holes. Both are great cause both involve a score max you can pick up on and incentivize birdies or better scoring.

So, how do incorporate everything into quota? Make gross triples and worse worth -1 point. For a big chunk of players, a gross triple is a “net double max” anyway. Everything else stays the same. At OP3, we had the closest mix of low, mid, and high caps we’ve ever had at an event. Multiple players, of all types, had a shot at winning on the last hole. It was sick.

It was dubbed “American” quota cause, at first, the high caps thought it’d hurt them too much and jokes were tossed about “picking yourself up by the bootstraps” and “rub some dirt in it and keep going.”
The bonus is at no point did I feel like I needed a “handicap max” of like 30 or using a 80% handicap that others use for Quota. Just the normal 95% the USGA recommends for stroke play/stableford events.

I’ll be back with a signup page. I just wanted to get people excited and have it on everyone’s radar. Let me know if you have any questions, too. Happy New Year!


Catch the Duck game on the 6th, spend a week in Oregon then play the Olympic! Sounds like a perfect fall plan.


Sooooooooo in on making the trip for this.


Just told the wife and even she liked the idea.


Hoping to get a spot and make the trip up. Always wanted to play at Gearhart.


Yes please.


Hmm… my brother lives in Seaside might have to giddy up this one


Very interested, hopefully a guy from AL can go.


giphy (20)


Will there be groupings based off ability to find wedges for others? Asking for a friend…


This is very on my radar if you want to coordinate a HCC trip



No RyMo this year. I’ll be back in 2025 when the OP is at Nile.


If I buy a flight now, could that be factored into my admission into this event when signups start? I only ask because #savings


How about I help you out and post the signups now? :wink:

Edit: Also, I confirmed that I had my details about the payment correct, so it is a $240 per player payment. You can Venmo @ Matthew-Essig. The profile picture is the same as on here. If you’re Canadian, DM me. I can do Paypal, too


Signed up, will be booking my flights tonight. Can’t wait to see yall and knock another state off my list!


Wanted to make it out, but it’s the same weekend as the Solheim Cup, and that’s within driving distance for me. Will be at the top of my list for '25.

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I have receipts that said were you coming to OP4. Don’t make be publish our DM history.


I booked my room on site a few days ago and have been unreasonably nervous about being waitlsted.


Desperate to making it out to this one after the hospitality shown at Chambers, but unfortunately cannot commit this far out due to not knowing the schedule for my wife’s friends (naval officers). She would be flying out to visit them while I road trip down to Gearhart. The waitlist might be a true watch this space scenario

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