Olympic Prolific 3: Wine Valley GC in Walla Walla, WA - Sept. 9 & 10, 2023

Plus and minuses for both.

Easy terminal to get in and out of for Pasco but you don’t get the drive through the Gorge. Which if you haven’t seen is pretty cool.

Go through Portland and you have to deal with PDX. Not as bad as SEA. But still a burden.

Either way you take about the same amount of time.

Well damn, the Phoenix guis are heading to Gamble and Walla Walla a mere 2 weeks later.

May have to sneak in a Chambers trip in the summer anyway. It’s one of the highlights of my summer walking that ballpark.

If anyone is up for mixing in a little hiking or some breathtaking scenery. One of my favorite places in the world is just a 2 hour drive away.



And this is?

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Wallowa mountains
Joseph, Oregon


Without a doubt a fantastic spot to bring your +1. Walla Walla fuqs as has been stated. My wife will be joining me to hang with the crew on this one. Too good not to.


Hell yeah, makes the decision even easier. Plus seeing some of these suggestions :fire:



Definitely tracking this! Wine valley was already on my list of new places to play this year.


Where you from?

Greater Portland area.

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No excuses on this one mate. You get the drive through the gorge plus amazing golf.

That said, Portland-Area folks share a similar mindset as Seattle based people. Driving 3 hours to the east side is the geographic equivalent of driving to the moon.

Would love to have you!


This is not the mindset of Seattle-based people. This is the mindset of Tacoma-area-based people.


So, all those Priuses and Audis with “The Mountains Are Calling” stickers in the parking lots of Gamble, Palouse Ridge, or Wine Valley are from Spokane?


Wine Valley is a great choice for a new venue. Its a big ball park.

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Mmmhmmm… Don’t mind the venue change. This will be fun!


I can definitely see that as a thing for some people. 3 hours is kind of the edge of being able to drive get a nice round in and drive home so I can see why it’s difficult for people if you don’t want to make it a multi day trip.

I’ve done two day trips to WV from Seattle, which is about 4 hours each way :sweat_smile:


First update and sign-up sheet -

Contract is signed!

  • Saturday - Tee times starting at 8am and going until 11:20. If we have less than the 88 spots (and we probably will), I will eliminate the later tee times first. That gives people more time to replay, wine taste, or do whatever they want.

  • Sunday - Shotgun starting at 8:30

  • Each/per round will be $160 +tax

  • It will be individual pay at the course each day; however, you must drop out no later than 2 weeks or we get penalized (I must notify how many there will be on August 25th).

  • To counter that, I am going to ask everyone to send me $20 (or more if you are feeling generous) that will be put towards charity and to save your spot. If someone ghosts, it will come straight out of the charity fund. If you are a dick who drops out last second, doesn’t call the shop to pay, and we get penalized, you are screwing over the kids. Not us directly. Do not be that person. I will make it publicly known if you do that. Captains are not very welcoming to those kind of people going to their events, and it will probably get you blacklisted with me!

Send the $20 to @ Matthew-Essig (last 4 digits are 9234 if you need them) on Venmo

  • If you don’t have venmo, DM me for Paypal info.

Sign-up sheet


Looks like any replays will be at that same $160 + tax, correct?