Olympic Prolific 3: Wine Valley GC in Walla Walla, WA - Sept. 9 & 10, 2023

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That’s right! The OP is back for its 3rd edition.

Ollie the Orca decided he needed a scenery change.

He went up the Columbia River, and just before reaching the Snake, he decided to take a detour up the Walla Walla River to visit some PNW wineries. And it was there, while drinking a crisp Pinot, he decided to set up shop for 2023!


The Dan Hixson design of Wine Valley plays host to the PNW Crew’s major this year.

Chambers is slammed this summer after the exposure of the US Women’s Am last year, and for a group the size of 60-70 players, we needed to find a new host this year.

I’ll have more info once the contract is done next week (the GM I was in correspondence with is on a Bandon trip haha), but here’s what I can tell you so far:

  • Saturday morning tee times (round counts to tournament)
  • Saturday afternoon is free to do whatever. Wine taste? Casual alt shot round? A lot is on the table still!
  • Sunday morning shotgun starting at 8:30 (round counts to tournament)
  • Format is combined quota scores from the 2 rounds
  • Probably 2 flights since there will likely be 2 NIT spots available
  • Room for up to 88 golfers
  • After OP1, I realized that “less is more,” and it was proven successful at OP2. I’m only getting the tee time/shotgun blocks. Everything else is up to you with regards to lodging, dinner plans, etc.

For those thinking of flying in from outside the PNW, you have a few options. You can fly into Pasco, Boise, Spokane, Seattle, or Portland. They all have pros and cons :sweat_smile:

As I said, I’ll have more info next week, including cost. Just wanted to get this on everybody’s radar, especially since I’ve been receiving DMs asking what the plans are!

Talk to y’all soon!


might be time for a big plex member to make their way up there


Here to offer some local insight for those of you who might be saying, “Where the heck is Walla Walla/Wine Valley”. I’ve lived in Eastern WA/OR for the last 18 years so I have a pretty good knowledge base. I also am in the Wine Industry so I am familiar with that side of the trip. The town is immensely drivable and you shouldn’t see a hint of traffic.

Walla Walla is situated in Eastern Washington. Centrally located in Washington Wine Country. There is over 120 wineries located in the region. I’ll walk through some of the highlights of the area and course:


Your main airport if flying in will be Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco WA. This regional airport has direct flights to SFO, Seattle, Burbank, Minneapolis, Denver, etc.

This is a regional airport. You will not have to deal with the bullshit that was SEA-TAC on a Sunday. I have never waited more than 10 minutes in a security line. We don’t have a Delta Lounge for the C-Suite types. We do however make up for it with ease of travel.

The airport is 45 minutes from the course so you will need a rental car. There is an airport in Walla Walla, but this would be your main hub.


Simply put, Wine Valley is Dan Hixon’s best work. Firm, Fast and wonderfully playable. It’s consistently ranked in the Top 3 of Washington Courses. There’s a Scottish feel to the course. So if you have played there you know what to expect. The bunkers are “natural” and if the wind is up you will need to play the ball low.

Other courses in the area include: Walla Walla Country Club, Vets Memorial (For a nice strapped round) and Touchet Valley (Musselburgh of Washington. Two holes are in the middle of a racetrack).

Wine Valley is a course where you can’t have a bad round. Even if you play poorly you will enjoy yourself. Easy to walk but also carts available if you should need.

Food is okay, great patio and the beers are cold.


This is the area’s most notable industry is wine. And as I mentioned earlier there are over 120 wineries in the area. This is a great place to bring the wife along for a long weekend to mix in with the golf. With @MrVinegar206 scheduling most of the scoring rounds in the morning, that leaves Saturday to explore if you’re not out looking for more golf.

As I mentioned there’s a ton of wineries. I work for a rather large one and in an act of humility I won’t mention them. However some of the highlights include:

Again, too many to mention and I would defer to our PNW expert @Generational3Putter for more guidance. I am wickedly biased.


Walla Walla fuqs when it comes to dining options. A very walkable downtown is a great departure for the Seattle-Area of the last few years. Dining Reservations are recommended for most places a few weeks out. So if you know you’re coming. Plan ahead.

Passatempo Taverna (Great Italian Food)
Brasserie Four (Great French Food)
The Kinglet (Chef Tasting Menu Type Fare)

Again, the trip is a long ways out. But I can’t recommend the course and town enough. If you are looking for a true hidden gem that screams “Crash Course”. This is your place. As always, the vibes will be high. That’s what we do in the PNW.


Wine Valley fuqs

Walla Walla is awesome - we played ping pong in a brewery, I got some humus, the French food slapped - good wine


Not listing Crossbuck Brewing is a crime.


I wrote about how much I love Wine Valley elsewhere. It might be the perfect “vibe” course. It’s truly, truly delightful!

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I have made trips to Walla Walla solely because of Passatempo. Truly fuqs.

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Monitoring from Indiana :eyes: wife and I have wanted to do a PNW trip for a couple years and this could slot in nicely to first or last weekend


Chambers is fiiiine, a change of venue is fiiiiine, Wine Valley fuqs.

All in with the decision. Thank you for organizing it all, Vinegar.


Come on out bud. We need to get out together.


This sounds fun.


Cartner…I’ll pick you up in Boise.


What airlines fly there?

Allegiant, Avelo, Delta, United and Alaska.

No American. Apologies to all the @Soly truthers.


Wonder what Vegas is setting the odds on @Tron making it 3/3 on OP appearances with a wine destination :thinking:


Dfw to Seattle to Pasco :eyes:

In! Only 525 miles…enough time to stop for 18 at Palouse Ridge on the way!


I’ll let @chico, the expert of Eastern WA and Oregon, chime in, but if you’re gonna connect through Seattle, see if you can just fly direct to Portland. The drive thru the Gorge is :fire:


I looked this up the other day and I’m pretty sure joining the alumni association, which anyone can do, will get a such a huge discount on every tee time that it’s worth it for even one round.

Hit me up if you want to play at the Ranch on your way through. I’d love to get to this event but I’m pretty sure I have a golf trip the next week.


It never even crossed my mind to consider a trip out to the PNW for golf this year, but damned if that isn’t one hell of a sales pitch!