OATW Presents: Tiki at the Kiki 24 (Willoughby, OH) 7/13/24

Your favorite Ohio summer event is back after a brief one year hiatus. An initial block of 8 tee times have been secured at the always immaculate Donald Ross Cleveland Metro parks Manakiki Golf Course.
Tee Times begin at 9:00 am and continue through 10:20 am on Saturday July 13th. Please indicate if you have a time preference or not on the sheet and I’ll do my best to accommodate scheduling. Same applies to preferred playing partners.
If there’s significant interest past the initial 32 I will reach out to the course to see if they can add additional tee times. As of now that day is wide open.
Charitable component and format TBD. Approximate cost with donation: $80
Option for 7 spots Friday afternoon at Oberlin Golf Club. Out of towners will be provided preference.
Come for the spicy greens and rolling hills and stay for some post round wings and beverages a couple of miles away at Wright Place.

Sign Up Sheet


Awesome. Thanks for setting this up, @waver82

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I signed up, but very tentative seeing as I will have a 9 day old at home by then. Cassie said she isnt willing to caddie in this one for some reason???


This is the same weekend as the Ope-In or I’d be game.

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Signed up. Can’t wait. Thanks @waver82 for leading the charge and coordinating the tee times with the Metroparks :+1:

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Been researching tiki drinks and holy shit are there a lot of ingredients in most of these cocktails. I don’t think I can batch out any of them. Could be margaritas again for my group.


I’ve done coconut mojito’s in a pitcher and they slap…and subsequently now I have a Walker Trolley


Just signed up.

Haven’t been too active on the Refuge over the last year and a half or so - my wife and I both made partner at our respective firms (brag) - plus we have a four-year-old - and we have been swamped.

However, I did this in '22 and we had a blast - I am open to and willing to host a group the day before (Friday 7/12/24) at Kirtland CC, which is just a few miles from Manakiki. Priority to anyone who didn’t play in '22/hasn’t played it before, but open to everyone. Just respond here with interest. Probably can host 11 again, probably late-ish Friday afternoon. Gauging interest so I can present a plan to the club. Cheers all!



Channeling the ghost of @DingleJones! Bring some drinks again.


Congrats to you both!


Early Refuge days, man. Glorious, glorious times.

Should be fun to try and explain to my wife why I’m missing two days for golf in Cleveland. I blame @Brick


I feel ya on the engagement over the past few months. Little ones are tough on the golf game front. I just signed up for Kiki and if you host at KCC would love to join that too. I caddied there as kid for like 8 years. Would be cool to see if it’s changed at all.

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Very generous of you to offer to host a group at Kirtland, Brick!

I’ll be coming up from Cincy for the event and would love to play that course!

Looking forward to meeting you folks in July.


Would love to join the group at Kirtland CC if there is room. I played in the group in 2022, so I’d be happy to be at the bottom of list behind any first timers.

Ok gang. I think I’ve nailed down a solid Mai tai batch recipe. This could be great or deadly. Or both.


Planning to make the trip up from Cincy and definitely interested in joining!

So, so, so dangerous

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I would love to be in Kirkland group as well. We are expecting a baby in the next couple weeks so I’m guessing the Kiki event is the only one I will make it to this year. I played in the Kiki in 2022 but did not go out to Kirkland.

Folks thanks to all who have registered already on Unknown Golf. For those who are on the Google Sheet but not registered yet: Unknown Golf - Log In

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