OATW Presents: Tiki at the Kiki 24 (Willoughby, OH) 7/13/24

Thank you for hosting a group, if there’s still a spot open I would appreciate being a part of it. Never played Kirtland before.

Related to Tiki, its hard to justify $90 or $115 for a very niche golf shirt, but this Puma x PTC stuff is glorious. If I didn’t have a great shirt for this event, I might drop in.

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Circling back to send a reminder that signing up should be done on unknown golf and not the Google sheet for tiki. If you’re signed up on the Google sheet and plan to attend double check that you signed up on unknown.

I’ve just been a lurker for a while, but my buddy @cussingmussel has been pushing me to #getinvolved. Looking forward to participating in some OATW events this year. I added myself to the spreadsheet for this event, but I’m trying to figure out how to get added into the community on Unknown so I can sign up there too. I think I sent a request to join. Is there anything else I need to do to get added on Unknown? Thanks!


@spicychimis you’re all set, should be able to register now. Thanks! Also join us on Slack below for more random meetups, Ohio related discussions, etc.

Join me on Slack – it’s a faster, simpler way to work. Sign up here, from any device: Slack

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I unfortunately have to revoke this offer.

We just found out that my second nephew is getting baptized that weekend in Maryland and, for some reason, the brother in-law and sister-in-law have chosen my heathen-ass to be Godfather. I’m going to be missing the whole weekend (they selfishly didn’t take into account my golf plans when setting the date).

Offer still stands for random rounds at Kirtland (and that course in Dayton that rhymes with Lorraine) though. I’ve hosted a bunch of fellow Refugees at both over the years, and we’re still batting 1.000.

P.S. Go Flyers!


Congratulations Godfather

Let me know next time you’re down here.

And Go Flyers!!


Quick bump. Would love to push this above 40 and make a healthy donation to the guys @joecline41 used last time. Reminder to sign up on unknown as well as google sheet just for my organizational sake. Cheers


Just registered and I am not sure if I will come out the day before or that morning. Is there anything officially going on Friday afternoon?


Gonna sort some stuff here for the guys signed up on the Google sheet but not on unknown.


If you’re still attending please sign up on unknown golf. Thanks. Just about a month out boys. Getting excited. Course has been in great shape as always.


@Gobrownies09 just asked to join OATW on unknown, only way i could find to do it?


Yeah you need to join the community first we will get ya squared away! Should be all set now.

I’d put your info on the Friday sign up. I can get 7 guys out my club but we can always organize an alternative round at Sleepy Hollow for example for others as well.

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Just registered on Unknown

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