OATW and FCF present: The Rust Belt Rumble 4/20/24

In the spirit of The Year Of Reap, it’s time for the state of Ohio to do what Ryan Day has no interest in doing, and beat Michigan.

Or maybe you’re still seething about Michigan’s loss in the Battle of Toledo (LOL) and would like to finally avenge that loss (LMAO).

In collaboration with @Manhattan, I’d like to announce the first edition of the Rust Belt Rumble, a Ryder Cup style team event pitting @OhioAgainstTheWorld against @FreshCoastFlock. We haven’t put ink to paper on the format yet, but there will likely be some alt shot, some best ball, and singles match play. We’d like to do 36 holes, but have left the possibility of only doing 27 open, depending on the number of players we have, daylight, etc.

I’m working on securing a course for the day, but it will definitely be in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan area this year. If there are enough people wanting to come from far enough away that they’ll need a hotel or airbnb, I can try to help with arrangements for that or reserve a block of rooms. I will also be trying to keep the cost as low as possible, especially with this coming only a few weeks before the Findlay event, so there likely won’t be any big fancy tee gifts this year, but I am going to try to get some companies involved to help the costs and trying to have something for everyone to take home. On a related note, if any of you have the skills to do a logo, I have a design in mind but no ability to do it. RyanNas has previously helped with these things, but my DM is unanswered and he doesn’t seem to be using the refuge anymore. I have a friend taking a crack at it, but getting a couple options would be nice.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out here or privately. Matt of FCF, myself, and Joe all agree we’d like see our event participation numbers increase this year, so the first step of that is planning fun events that people want to come to, and I think we are going to have a good one here for anyone that wants to come out.


Now accepting bribes for which team will have me…

Will you have moved by april?

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I signed up for Michigan, but in the event there aren’t enough people or something for Ohio I can float!


We are actively touring and offering on houses. Ideally we will have moved by then.


Input: Ohio against Michigan team golf event logo

AI: gimme 10 seconds…got it.


I feel the need to defend my childhood home of Adrian Michigan in this battle.

Choosing The hills of lenawee for the venue would give me a sick advantage.


I will be unable to play as I already have 3 unfunded golf trips on the books but would like to contribute the resources of Buckeye Tags to contribute in some capacity


I have connections to that ownership group iirc.

Gotta pump up those bag tag numbers big dog


Open to anything, so slide in my DMs here or on slack if you have an idea, or grab my number off the roost roster and text me if you’d like


Fuckin nailed it. I want a t shirt


I should be there, but plan on sending me merch if I have to miss for some reason

Better yet, I’m gonna make one.

Tough year to move, sounds like a ton of fun. Excited to see where this is played & how much the Flock wins by!

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@makersmark4 did you mean to add your name to the waitlist instead of the roster?


Okay, but I really do want to play in this and don’t know which side to choose.

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no wrong choice

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Yes, in laws are trying to shore up the details of our trip with them and it’s either going to be the week before or that week. I didn’t want to claim a spot knowing there’s a chance that I’d have to back out. Appreciate you noticing that and double checking though.

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Yeah I’d say it’s your call, but having you and Dan able to reasonably switch teams if we don’t fill one team or find it would help balance handicaps, that probably makes it easier on Matt and I to set up the competition

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