NLU Pro Shop (Part 2)

That looks like last summer’s miami vice inspired t-shirts :slight_smile:


LOVE those shirts. Became my wardrobe for the summer.

Yep, I have the NLU icee logo Winston mallet cover on my 5.5 and it’s perfect. There’s a bit of space in there, but the magnet is strong enough that it doesn’t move around or fit too loose at all.

What’s the pro shop code?

Discount code: Nestmember

Also, just snagged my gf the green rhoback hoodie and something nice for myself for being so thoughtful. It’s been 10 minutes since I checked out and no still shipping notification?
Has the small shop lost its edge?


Please disregard, shipping confirmation has been received.


If it’s not firstclass then we riot…


@ChickPhilA If it’s not asking too much, literally any piece of merch with ”No Laying Up” in this font would be an instant buy!


@ChickPhilA any chance that there will be Imperial WPL 285 hats in the future?

@ChickPhilA @MerchCzar don’t tase me…

I’m looking to snag one of the blade collar polos on sale. Who are they sourced from? Just trying to get a better sense of sizing before I pull the trigger on an item which can’t be returned.

We made them custom. They are sized to H&B specs.


Thanks. Some of us mikes have different fit needs than safeties.

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I’m looking at getting a Roost polo, but I tend to be weary of white polo’s. Has anyone had one of the H&B white polo’s? What’s the level of sheer on those things?

Can’t comment on the roost polo, but for the guy above asking about the blade collar, it’s very see-thru. Gotta wear a tshirt under the white one (unless you’re a nipples out kinda guy, no judgement).

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I have a white H&B polo, it does have a light pattern on it so not totally white, but can’t see through it at all.

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Have a few Christmas gift cards burning a hole.
Any FJ stuff coming in the future?

Don’t quote me, but I think I heard @MerchCzar say there was some coming the first week of June.


Ooo that’s soon!

Little late to the party but I ordered the Green Rhoback hoodie and it’s absolutely incredible. Have gotten compliments from the lady on it and is the perfect light hoodie to replace my Melanzana (Colorado folks might know this one) for the warmer months.


They are good gifts for the lady as well. @rramsbo is familiar with the results of not getting one for his (much) better half.