NLU Peloton Thread - New Years Resolutions

We got ours back in October and love it.

If anyone else has one add me (JBors) and we can ride together.


do you place it in a very visible part of your floor-to-ceiling windowed corner apartment??


This thread on twitter is beautiful

In fairness they look kinda sweet not gonna lie…


Did you deep dive research into all the at-home smart bikes and decide on Peloton? Thinking of getting one but not sure which to get.


Yeah I looked into the Norditrac one as well. Chose Peloton because it it is made with much better materials (metals vs plastic) and the Peloton class catalog is deeper and of higher quality. The instructors are also pretty awesome, and there is quite a bit in terms of different workouts, styles, etc that they offer.

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I have one and love it but it does gather some cobwebs during golf season when I got my bag strapped to my back and am clocking 6 miles on foot like a real man.

I keep mine on the roof top of my 6 story west village townhouse. nothing like an early fall spin while the morning sunlight hits just so right and the trees are a awash in a gorgeous amalgam of burnt orange, crimson and mustard yellow.


It is in our very dark second bedroom of our modest 2 bed 1 bath condo along with my desk, golf clubs, and my wife’s closet.

Although judging by the amount of shoes and clothes occupying the floor and desk, I guess you could say it is actually located in my wife’s closet rather than a bedroom.


Just shake like a dog when you get off the bike and she will move her stuff.

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The wife and I just ordered one, it’ll be at the house next saturday. Between the work schedules and having to get home to take care of dogs, and wanting to fit in range time, I just never had the motivation to try and go to a gym. Now that we’ll have it in the house, she won’t let me slack and I am really looking forward to it. If anyone wants to follow along in my misery, I’m CSURam_06 on there.

We have neither a conservatory nor a solarium in our home. Thus, no proper place for a Peloton.


I have had one for close to two years, definitely don’t use as much as I should but it is a good product. I am sure there are cheaper alternatives that would make it less galling when I go weeks at a time without a ride, but when I get into a decent rhythm it is so much more convenient than going to a gym/studio for classes, and I can also set up a tv in the room to be watching sports at the same time I am in a class, which ain’t happening at SoulCycle. johninma if you want to see how little I am using it - the shame might inspire me.

Favorite instructors?

I go with Christine because I like her playlists (I am definitely a rockist when on the bike) and Jennifer for decent music and… other reasons.


I love the idea of Refugees riding together, in a literal sense (or virtually I guess?). Also, the Peloton-in-fancy-homes line of jokes will never not be funny.


What sets this bike apart from other indoor bikes? Just the network that allows you to take classes and ride with others? I dropped a decent sum of money for a nice outdoor road bike, I might have a problem recommending this on top of that.

I expect the type of person who uses Peloton also likes Apple products, because they are well-integrated, they look nice, and they “work” without much additional modification. Someone else is going to tell you that you are paying too much and their Android phone actually has more powerful processing or whatever, but you like being able to exchange iMessages with most of your friends and that your AirPods sync so effortlessly, so you just keep following the herd. Same goes for the ease of joining classes, tracking metrics, leaderboards, etc. on the Peloton.


I like to do this before my wife and I step in to separate bath tubs placed outside on a hillside, overlooking a sunset, spaced just far enough apart for us to still hold hands.


When did this become a Cialis commercial?

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Have ours in our “home gym” aka a part of my basement i finished and made into a gym. I bought it for my wife for christmas and she loves it and i have found myself using it more and more up until the weather go nicer and i started playing more golf again. Trying to get back into riding in the mornings. My favorite instructor is Alex because well I’m too lazy to try other instructors and i feel like that dude can see into my soul and knows how to motivate me and all the other uninspired housewives out there.

Honestly bought it because its a nice product and with all the other classes outside of just biking (strength, yoga, weights, running, etc) its almost like having my own personal trainer. Plus it keeps me from having a gym membership going to waste as I will walk down to my basement but not to drive to the gym

It’s always nice to know you’re in good company when riding Peloton.

FWIW I bet they absolutely get after it.

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I use one at the gym I frequent.
Add me if you like: DrinkSmokeGolf

Scary… This is my exact setup as well.