Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

Thanks, man. I appreciate that. I definitely struggle with the all or nothing mentality too. I like that advice though. I’ll give that a shot.

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I did this after my knee injury in high school and forgot all about it til now. Guess I might have to pull out the old trick to get myself to commit to getting back on the horse. Hoping it has the same effect this go around.


Man this is great. I think we all feel that way at times. And it can definitely throw us off track. Don’t let yourself be an enemy, you’re the best ally you have.


2 months in - Down to 265 this morning. Pretty happy with the last couple months for a few reasons:

  • I haven’t logged anything, just tracking in my head and trying to stick to something around 1600 calories.
  • I have spent a lot of time on the road for work the past 2 months (over 4k miles). In the past that has been some of my Achilles heel as 1) I tend to indulge while eating out on the company dime and 2) I’m a big snacker who always grabs a snack or two at the gas station
  • Now for meals I shoot for a smaller piece of meat (less porterhouses) and a veggie (instead of fries) and I’ve been trying to grab some jerky for my snack instead when I hit a gas station.
  • I’m working around my sweet tooth. I tend to eat my sweets (really all food) fast so I keep a bag of tootsie pop suckers around to satiate my sugar need but at much slower pace

I haven’t sweated the days where things go off the rails a bit and just keeping it day by day. Hoping everyone is still fighting the good fight!


Alright, need to vent, maybe someone can relate…

So a few years ago, I dropped nearly 100 lbs on the scale. Felt awesome, life was much better health-wise after losing 100 lbs (325 to 225). Since the pandemic (shit excuse, I am well aware of that), I have gained much of it back (now about 285). I have been eating better and seeing a nutritionist to better help with the diet.

So far, not a damn lb has come off. It’s been about a month or so, but having a very hard time with motivation. That was until my 3 year old looked at me and said “you have a big belly” yesterday and it damn near killed me on the spot. He didn’t mean anything by it as my wife is pregnant with our third and he likes to tell her that her belly is big and growing like the baby. So at 8 pm last night, I was back downstairs in our basement on the bike for a 20-minute workout (Peloton app). Felt awesome. Hopefully I can keep the motivation and stick with the bike workouts and the diet. Anyone have any tricks/ideas on how to keep up with the peloton app?


I would say definitely join the refuge peloton thread. I did some pelotoning last spring and the idea of putting up scores with other refugees and doing some challenges was lots of fun (since I don’t have any other friends) Refuge Peloton Emma’s 45 Min 90’s Rock Ride from 11/15/21

I also tried to find 1-2 instructors who I really enjoyed and stuck with them. The personality is such a big part of that app. I am a big fan of Alex Toussiant (or whatever) so I took almost every ride he did. The programs can be nice if you need a place to start and to know where to go next.

Just keep plugging man. Change doesn’t happen overnight and results take time. I know that’s stupid to have to hear, but I think about it like parenting. When the baby is little you freak out about everything, while all the experienced parents tell you to relax and be patient. This is the same. I have trouble carving out time for myself to exercise with everything that happens in our house, and certainly with a pregnant wife that’s not going to be easy. Just remember that when you do it for you, you’re also doing it for them.

And if you need anymore motivation, here’s a video that might make you cry: https://twitter.com/TBrianKight/status/1466753955837485057?s=20


I can relate to pandemic pounds. The nail in the coffin for me was accepting that I needed to get checked out for sleep apnea. Welll…turns out I have pretty severe apnea so I had to get a bipap machine. Now I am sleeping better, according to the robot, but it is a process. Feels strange putting on a mask to sleep, and all the other parts that go with it are less than awesome. Luckily, it will help me get blood pressure under control and help get weight back to a better number. I am down from 300 to 290, but I would ultimately like to get down from XXL to XL. I don’t beat myself up over it anymore, but I know first hand that what I need to eat vs what I want to eat are not in the same zip code. Hang in there, having kids really makes things hard. Sorry if that sounds rambling, just got news that I need a new job for the new year and my head is all sorts of fogged up.


Approaching start of another year means it’s time to focus again on fitness for me. This year I’m taking a different approach though, first time I’m not gonna attach a weight to my list of goals. Instead I’ve chosen to have activity based goals, if I hit them the number on the scale will follow, which ultimately isn’t important anyway.


Has anyone tried golo.com release weight loss supplement? Wife and I ordered it today for a test run. Supposed natural and not a long term diet plan but should hopefully boost metabolism.

What’s everyone’s take on when they weigh? At night before bed, in the morning while getting ready, does it really matter?

If you weigh the same time everyday is should be a constant at least. But is one more accurate? I’ve always heard morning is better.

If you want the most consistent weigh in you should do it first thing in the morning right after using the restroom. Any other time of day bring too many variables into play


2nd the post BM morning weigh in. I also find that if I’m weighing daily (which I’m not this go round), I tend to be at my lightest towards the end of the week (Thu/Fri). I think this is due to me being less strict on weekends so I slowly lose all the water weight over the course of the week (when I’m stricter)


Just joined the nest - 5’11 250 here! I enjoy weight lifting quite a bit but it’s awesome to meet fellow thicc golfers!

Favorite thicc golfer on tour? I say Big Lee


John Daly is my all time favorite. I enjoy watching Harry Higgs play for the new guard of bigger dudes.

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Joining in this thread for the accountability. 6’-4" and 250ish. But ideally want to be around 225-230. Starting off the year with a Peloton and a resolution to run a marathon. Last ran a half marathon 4 years ago. Hope to see the numbers go down with the training


Keep us posted @Gts0004


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Our peloton was delivered today. There’s a peloton thread on here with a weekly ride and other things.

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Peloton (and exercise bikes in general) are great to avoid wear and tear on your knees from impact. I dropped a bunch of weight from it. Find an instructor you like and get after it.

If anybody is looking for a dedicated golf trainer, I’ve been working with a great dude from Australia. No free ads, but PM me and if be happy to send you his info.

To me the only answer here is Kiradech Aphibarnrat