Mr. Jeezy's Open - KPMG Women's PGA June 25-26

Alright all, the lack of 2021 events in the city home to Bobby Jones, The Marist School, the Carter/Schuster brothers, and of course, Mr. Jeezy is coming to an end. The 3 club tournament at Candler is this weekend and plans are coming together for our event June 25 and 26. Details below:

  • 9 or 18 holes at River Pines on Friday afternoon/evening (only the front 9 score will count for event purposes)

  • Post round beverages and raffle

  • Re-pair according to first round scores and play a 9 hole final round at Bobby Jones on Saturday morning. Tee times will be early enough to give everyone the opportunity to attend the KPMG in the afternoon.

Format - Stableford scoring (Quota) with individual and team competitions
What’s on the Line - Pride for one, but just as importantly there will be two NIT spots available. One spot for best single round score to Quota and one spot for overall score to quota
Approximate Cost (Golf Only)- Friday $30-$50 dependant on 9 or 18. Walking or riding are available
Saturday -$35-$45 flexible pricing @ Bobby Jones. Course will confirm as we get closer to the date
Charity - Alzheimer’s Association

Logo is currently in the works and we hope to have some merch available in the coming weeks.

Two requests:

  1. Sign up in the sheet below if you would like to play.
  2. Please consider donating something for the raffle on Friday night (round of golf, gear, nice bottle of liquor, not so nice bottle of liquor, etc…). We will use a format where you can buy tickets and then put them toward specific prizes. Donations can be added to the “Donations Tab” in the google sheet

Looking forward to launchin‘em!


Way in.

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Let’s get it!

btw. we’ve now hosted an event in Atlanta 2 years in a row (19’ and 20’) and had an additional planned for The Fields last year that covid put a damper on.

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If anyone tried to view the poll and couldn’t, that’s because I’m an idiot. Should be fixed now.

Count me in!

I’ll come over for the lpga event on Saturday and play on Sunday. Can’t take off of work on Friday. Going to the Indiana event earlier in the month.

I am in

I’m in

I am absolutely in on this.

Unfortunately I’m out. . . ive got a big league tournnament that saturday

Quick update here on status. Bobby Jones will be hosting a GSGA event this same weekend, so I am calling a bit of an audible. We should still be able to get the first times out on Bobby Saturday morning, which should work well for those looking to attend the KPMG that afternoon.

Finalizing now, but looking to host Friday evening’s round at River Pines in John’s Creek (very close to AAC and the tournament).They have a full 18 hole course as well as a par 3. We are looking to have 18 hole and 9 hole tee times set up to accommodate as much golf you can fit in. For scoring purposes, the front 9 of the Friday round and Saturday’s 9 holes will be used to determine the winners.

On that note… still in the approval process, but hoping there will be at least one NIT spot up for grabs. Stay tuned for more details there.

Last thing, I’m tentatively calling this event “Mr. Jeezy’s Open” in honor of ATL’s favorite trapper’s, favorite trapper. Alternative suggestions will be considered, but please bring nothing but heat.


Not sure how the owners of the “Mr. Holland’s Opus” trademark would feel about this, but workshopping some potential logos.

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I’m in for sure - I’ve been wanting to get out to River Pines.

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I’m a designer, maybe ill make up some logos for this open tomorrow.

I need to find a pdf containing the vector of NLU logos and stuff etc.


@tron may be able to help

Although take any inspiration you want. @Bullseye may have the master list of logos created for events to provide inspiration

Logo design is underway. here is a teaser of two of my inspiration images.

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Things are coming together! Updated details at the top of the thread and copying here. Let’s get this thing going!


Thanks for spearheading this! Looking forward to meeting some ATL area Refugees.

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This is a very fluid situation and we will continue to monitor as things progress.

Here’s the latest:

We have been granted two NIT spots for this event. Mr. Jeezy and his people are happy to announce that they will be allocated in the following manner:

  1. Best score to quota for either individual 9 hole round (front of River Pines on Friday, or Bobby on Saturday)

  2. Best score to quota for the two rounds combined

This will give those who can only play in one round or the other the opportunity to score the coveted NIT spot. I have updated the sign up to more clearly differentiate if you are available for one round, or two.

Saturday’s round at Bobby is limited to the 36 participants, so we will give priority to those who can participate in both rounds.

If you have already signed up, please check back to the sheet to update your information. That’s all for now.