MN Refugee Fall Match Play - Sunday Singles - 9/27/2020 - **Pairings Announcement in Post 13**

If you could confirm last 4 of your social and your mother’s maiden name that would would be great too.

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Is there anything else you need? Always like to help my friends who know very wealthy African princes who can’t seem to open bank accounts in the US.

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Couple of quick updates/announcements

  1. Confirmed our tee times again with Baker National today. We are all set to go with the first group/matches off at 11:03am.

  2. There is no need to check-in at the clubhouse when you arrive at Baker. Range balls are included with the greens fee and will be available on the range. You can head straight to the range to warm up ahead of your tee time (see post above for matches and tee times). @tbruhsch and I will be there early to welcome folks and make sure things are running smoothly.

  3. There will be a scoreboard with the matches listed for you to update as you make the turn. This should allow folks to see where things stand after 9. Please update the scoreboard with the final match result after you finish 18.

Any other questions, please reach out. Looking forward to a great day of golf.


I’ll also have scorecards for you and your match opponent. The GHINs you listed on the spreadsheet will be captured on the scorecard for reference.

Before you tee off, please confirm and agree the stroke difference for your match and what holes someone will get a pop on. The GHINs are for reference but ultimately it is up to each match to decide the number of strokes to handicap the match. If you want to play straight up, that’s up to you and your opponent. Use your best judgement, don’t be a scumbag.


Saturday night hype video. Tomorrow should be a great day!


Super bummed I won’t be there but I’m sure you guis are going to have a blast. Play well and enjoy it!


For those keeping track at home. At the turn, Blue team looking strong.


Thanks for a great day of golf out there guys. @mplsgolfer @tbruhsch are the MVPs. Golf doesn’t get much better than this.


Hell of an afternoon out there! @earlsmithiii, @Mystic, & @DuckDuckGreyDuckHook were a blast to play with.


Hope everyone had fun, thanks again to all for making it a great day. @tbruhsch and Team Can’t Play turns out can play and won 6-3. The Refuge is undefeated in great times with good dudes.

Pretty neat to see Baker filled with the Red and Blue of the teams, and to have a gallery on 1 Tee and 18 Green. Thanks guys for a great day of Fall golf.


Such a fun day! Thanks for organizing. Course was in great shape and the greens were even pretty decent for only being punch a week ago. I need to get out there again, without the wind!


Absolute blast yesterday even with some rully tuff conditions. Shoutout @mplsgolfer and @tbruhsch for setting up the day! However, it is with a heavy heart that as a result of a side bet, I have lost my name rights to Tyler. To all who would dare challenge the Net Buzzsaw that is @chefcycle, tread carefully.


To surprise to no one, yesterday was awesome. Thanks to @tbruhsch and @mplsgolfer for putting this together.

Course was great, but company was even better


Congrats to all on Team Blue for helping us (well me really) take home the trophy. Shoutout @Soly for the fashion inspiration


Shoutout to these two dudes for organizing this event and for having me along to play Jeff Knox and chaperone the anchor match. It was a total pleasure and I’ll look forward to next time.


Spoiler - I missed.


A look inside my mental game when this picture was taken



Meant to post earlier. Big thanks to @tbruhsch and @mplsgolfer for putting this thing together. I’m happy you guys all got to come out and see Baker in all it’s glory with some beautiful fall colors. Wind and bumpy greens be damned! It was a great time.:+1:t2: