Maxamania III - Detroit, MI - May 20,2023 - We're Back!

Great to see all the positive reflections on the past weekend’s events! UofM with @FastEddie64, @alhunter, and @jimmay was a blast, and it brought me a lot of joy to witness how much my out-of-town playing partners appreciated the course architecture and diabolical greens. @Plod123, @joshmckenna, and Jon were all supportive quota round partners at Max, helping locate my errant shots and celebrating my occasional good ones with me.

Met a lot a cool people, and had many positive interactions with everyone. My only negative takeaway is that I know there was still a whole bunch of people there that I didn’t get a chance to meet.


I couldn’t agree more, Ed! It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and I can’t wait for the next one.


Phew I was worried when this started that I might get popped. Glad our time playing UofM Friday wasn’t a huge pain!

It truly was awesome fun playing the event, meeting new people, and eating way too much (particulary donuts - I ate some many damn donuts).

My main memory though might not be the golf but Friday at Hopcat. Our server was delightful, if not particulary quick, and then having Jake take us to the late night pastry place a few doors down the road for a second dessert was the perfect capper to a great day.


This is what they call ‘the secret sauce’ lol

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@FastEddie64 fuckin Winthrop!

dude thats been bothering the shit out of me haha

Hahaha. Nice little town. Some good food and beaches.

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Belle isle is legit. Some good diners and such as well.

I really miss sunset grill in Allston. RIP in pieces.

What ever happened to the golf course on belle isle? Or is that a figment of my imagination?

There’s still a driving range there though, I think with Top Tracer? They just opened a little 6 hole pitch and putt in the last couple years as well. I’ve been meaning to go check it out someday


It’s a decent enough little pitch and putt. Conditioning is alright but they’re working to improve it. You really only need a single wedge and putter. Good for those with little kids to take them out.


very different bell isle haha

I bet it doesn’t hold a candle to the private and exclusive 9 hole pitch and putt we have here in Waterloo:


I hate to break it to you, but there’s only one real Belle Isle, and that ain’t it!


His post about amazing diners on Belle Isle had me questioning if I had actually been there.


Woke up to a strange $51 charge from Alamo on my credit card.

Turns out the less-than-speedy service at dinner the night before Max3 cost a little more than I thought. Still worth it to break bread with the Duck Club representatives.


It’s sort of a rite of passage for visiting Royal Oak


Royal Oak parking is the fucking WOOOOOOORST.


Didn’t the RO hopcat close down due to claimed parking issues? Only to reopen shortly later?

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Apologize this note is long overdue, but a huge, huge thank you to every single person that attended Maxamania III and helped support the GFPD!! I’m blown away how you guis have sort of adopted Max and this amazing cause. $2600 for the GFPD is unreal, and by itself is probably one of the top 10 single fundraisers this year for the organization! I wish I could’ve been there, but reading the recaps and seeing the photos was awesome. Looked like a stellar event once again!

Combined with our local fundraiser here in Illinois which had another outstanding year, we’ve now raised over $1.2 million for the GFPD in just over 8 years. :eyes: This money has drastically catapulted the GFPD from a scrappy, family-run organization into a leading rare disease patient advocacy organization that collaborates with world-class researchers to look at potential treatments for peroxisomal disorders.

My wife is on the Board of the GFPD, and we recently had the opportunity to visit with one of the leading scientists affiliated with the GFPD. He’s very excited about the possibilities in the coming years as technology continues to outpace past developments. There is significant progress being made in mouse models on cutting-edge treatments such as retinal gene therapy that may be able to restore or improve vision in kids like Max that are impacted. There are also positive developments on gene therapy treatments that can help with liver damage and other impacts of this disease (liver issues are a huge component of Max’s disorder). The GFPD has also created close ties with the NIH and FDA to hopefully speed along a clinical trial when a treatment is ready for that step. You guis have helped enable all of this with your outstanding support.

Despite the progress on the horizon, this has been a tough month for our GFPD family. We had to say goodbye to another kid with Max’s disorder who lived just 45 minutes from us, so we knew them well. 45 minutes away in a rare disease community can feel like a next door neighbor at times. Here were are hanging out with them at a local brewery just a week or so before he passed away:

(Max is in the stroller with his back to us. My wife and daughter are there on the left). This family lost their son just before his 6th birthday and they had been planning a Make-A-Wish trip later this summer. When facing a disease like this, you know the moment is coming but it’s still impossible to be ready. The funeral was on Hans’ birthday earlier in June and it was a hard day - but I’m glad so many families from the GFPD community were able to make the trip. If you’re the praying sort, please pray for healing and comfort for this family.

Thank you once again to @eatonsb @paroutfromhere and anyone else from the Fresh Coast Flock who was involved behind the scenes in Maxamania, and thank you so much to every single person who attended, donated, bought merch, or bought raffle tickets! The tee marker is simply unreal to see in person and the UM scorecard was an awesome touch! I’m always so humbled by what this place can accomplish.

As far as Max goes, we’re having a good summer. He’s already wrapped up 3 weeks of summer school. He loves to swim and be in the water, so we’re trying to get to the pool as much as possible. On July 4th he literally fell asleep on me while floating on the lazy river! Otherwise we’re just rolling along and are thankful for no recent surprises. :crossed_fingers:

I have no idea if there will be a Maxamania IV or not - if there’s a desire to move on to another cause or do something more local, I totally get it. But whether it’s in honor of Max or not, I hope to be there once again in person as long as it’s not May 16-17, 2024 (our local GFPD golf event is already on the books!). If any other date is feasible, I’m there!

Thank you again!!