March Mudness Part Deux (Kankakee, IL): 2022, March 27 -

Yo! 45 “in” for our spring event at Kanakee Elks. Updates will be shared here from now on, with the occasional bump on the Chicagoland thread.

If anyone has creative ideas to incorporate some march madness elements, share them here!



Link to sign up if you’re not yet:

Note, there will later be a “final” FINAL (final) sign up that will require USD.


Some type of skins game where hole winners get assigned a team instead of cash. Person who gets the team that ultimately wins the tournament takes the pot.

Would have to think a bit about how to assign teams depending on how many are left in the tournament the morning of the event.


If we wanted…we could award the winning team custom basketballs

I know a guy


Missed this. Signed up in case enough peeps drop.

edit: also, as a latitudinally adjacent gui from the Chi-Land area, March weather is a total crap shoot and I’m here for all of it!

This is what i’m talking about!

Some other ideas:
Implement a “backboard” on a par 3. Like literally a bank shot somehow.

One hole we have a marker at say, 30 yards and guys get a “free throw” to win a pot (closest to the pin)

Having some type of actual basketball shot (maybe a portable hoop?) on one tee box, where you get two free throws to “erase” a shot on that hole or something.

Lots of puns for the name dealing with “net” or other march madness terms:
Nothing but Net
Cutting down the Net
Final Fore

Other ideas:
Special thing on the 8th and 16th hole for elite 8 or sweet 16 that means something


Has the date for this event been finalized?

absolutely not!

working on it. elks has been, shall we say, non-responsive.

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I played in a scramble that did this. Worked pretty well.

Are you open to other courses? Just curious, signed up earlier today. Pumped for this!

Any other former River Valley Conference or Interstate 8 members signed up for this? @Awol and myself were gonna bust the old high school bags(if I can track one down) for this and maybe a side dual if plausible.

What about dunks?

Dunk contest - buy in cash in a 5 gallon bucket. Have everyone hit wedge shots until someone makes it. Could do it as a whole group, or by playing group on a specific hole.

If we are tracking individual scores. Make the top 4 play in a sudden death Final Four to determine the overall winner.


i’m strongly inclined to the elks as it’s got a bit of buzz, it’s a bit out of the regular rotation and it’s so inexpensive.

but, if they end up being hard to deal with we’ll go back to the drawing board!

what are you thinking?

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I can’t make the two late March dates due to my kid’s spring break, but would love to join if a date in early April is selected instead. I put my name on the sheet for tracking purposes, but with a N for both proposed dates 3-20 and 3/27.

Crap, same here. I changed my response to “No” and I’m super-bummed, but please keep me in mind for other events. I should have remembered this, but since the kids are home for COVID, the concept of Spring Break seems foreign to me.

If anyone is going to be in Hilton Head March 21-26 HMU.

Oh for sure! Played there multiple times in high school invitationals. I enjoyed that track very much.

High school bags, eh?


Repping the black and orange Beecher Team. Weather permitting imma be rocking the orange shorts with orange shoes.


Do you just rock a projector in the living room?