March Mudness Part 3 2023

How do we “mud” it up a little?

Put a basketball where the golf ball is?

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Throw it in the mud? But really if we don’t want this I’d happily donate to anyone who would need it for something otherwise it’s being donated

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Please give my spot to the waitlist, I am unable to attend

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Throw $20 to my venmo and mark yourself paid on the sheet (i think some of you have already paid me, please mark yourself on the sheet to confirm):



You guys are up from the waitlist if you want in

Crossing fingers that waitlist makes it down to me.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend anymore. Please pass on my spot. Thanks!

Some other updates:

Custom tees and ball marks, event stickers, and beanies all in process of procurement.

And @RLSIII is lending his talents once again for design this time for an annual custom trophy.

We are keeping the design a secret but I assure you it is straight money in the bank.


Done & done

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Had a good meeting with some of the breakfast ball crew to sort of the game format. I think i’ve shared some of this half baked already, but we’ve added on a bit:

Morning round will be a quota game. Top 16 quotas will make the cut. Ties will be broke in a way we figure out between now and then. We will also do several of the Chicagoland match play matches congruently with this quota game. Lots of action.

The “Sweet 16” will advance to knockout match play. They play as four groups (or regions, if you will).

Worst net score each hole gets knocked out. Hole by hole tie breakers will be figured out.

So after four holes, we’ll have one golfer advancing from each “region”. They’ll pair up with the other region winners in the last group. They play knockout in the same fashion until the 10th hole.

Last 2 golfers play match play on the back 9 for the title.

The rest of the golfers can go off of the back 9 for the MIT (Mudness Invitational tournament) and we’ll do some golfing and some BS and then wrap up and watch the title match come in.

We should have three NIT spots available, so they’ll be distributed throughout these games.



This sounds completely bonkers and fun. Can’t wait.


The hottest new tournament on the Refuge is the March Mudness

This place has everything:
Chicagoland matchplay
Quota games
NIT spots
Sweet 16 tournaments
Sick merch


For tee time planning purposes when is the latest you want the match play participants?

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Looking for action at Mudness:


Maybe by march 11?

There will be stuff sorta shuffled around last minute so if we have stuff early it’ll help.

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With quota being the game, I’m really upset at myself for how well I played at the end of last season!


Stick these things on some of your other things


Still kicking myself for not buying that hoodie last year.