March Mudness Part 3 2023

OK Mudders!

Only 68 days until the Mudness begins! Time for us to start making moves. Four main things:

1- Time to recommit to the event. This year, that will be done by a $20 payment to me via Venmo @ted-mccartan. This will include your tee gift (Mudness beanie). The balance will either be donated to the first tee or cover a trophy. I’ll post all receipts and keep zero dollars. You must recommit by February 1 and then we’ll go to the waitlist. (Just so you are aware, golf/lunch will again be something like $40 for the entire day). Mark yourself as paid after you venmo me, it’ll be the honors system. Last four digits of my phone is 1482.

2- Raffle items! We need more! Currently we have:

  • Bottle of Sweetens Cove Bourbon donated by me
  • Linksoul Rival & Revel Club Holder donated by me
  • Bettinardi headcovers donated by @TCRBrad
  • Tour of studio B donated by @TCRBrad
    Add raffle items to the sheet here.

3- MERCH SIGN UP. It appears we are on our own for merch this year. Our goal is to raise more than $3,000 for the First Tee of Greater Chicago, and buying merch will help us do that. The t-shirt in particular is picking up some #volume, the saucy visor and hat, less so. Check them out here. If you don’t want merch, all good, everyone will get a beanie as a tee gift.

4- What’s at stake??? We will have three NIT spots and the winner will be included in the team for the 2CGC Roost Regional Event.

5- BONUS ITEM! We need a pop up basketball hoop. This year’s winner will cut down the net, literally. Slide into the DM’s if you have one and a pickup truck.



Huge miss not posting this yesterday


Look, for sure


I have another Linksoul Club Holder that I bought but never used, not sure if we want two of them in the raffle or not.

Added a wine bottle to the mix… If not one wants it I’ll put my name in the raffle for the item I donated.

Also @TeddyPargame how can I do more for the planning committee?

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Pumped just paid the deposit for me and two non nest buddies. Just a heads up to make things easier I signed up for 2 T-Shirts figured just easier payment wise for me to pay for both and my friend can pay me.

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sweet –

i’ll do a venmo request for all shirts once i place the order.

i know this way i’m sorta nickel and diming all of these costs one at a time, but i’m choosing that so everyone’s able to give as much or as little as they’re comfortable with.


shoot out @TheAbeFroman and @Wyclef for hosting at two of the area’s finest, olympia fields north and black sheep, respectively!

shoot out @djheadley for the vino!!!


Scrap the golf. Let’s just have a 3-on-3 tournament for the 3 NIT spots…


If you think giving me 12(?ish??) strokes is bad we’d need to get a calculator out for basketball*.

*that being said, I have a mad handle


I’ll update you on the basketball goal.


@Wyclef tell me about this Bandon bucket hat….

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I went to Sand Valley last summer. After the round, I was looking for a souvenir to pick up for son and ended up getting him a bucket hat. Like his dad, he has a ginormous dome but the smedium adult hats fit his grade school sized head. Next to the hat I bought my son was a grey Mammoth Dunes bucket hat in L/XL. I tried it on, and to my surprise it actually fit decently and looked ok. I couldn’t resist the urge to purchase perhaps the only bucket hat that has ever looked good on me, in addition to the opportunity to go full “Me and My Golf” with matching golfwear with my son. The sweet old lady who operated as the starter at the neighborhood course my son and I were playing every afternoon in Wisconsin told us our matching hats were “cute.” Mission accomplished.

The Mammoth bucket quickly became my late summer go-to hat, particularly because you can dunk it in cold water and put it on your head. Also my wife hated it, which is always a bonus. In the midst of my infatuation with the Mammoth hat, I thought “hey, maybe I’m a bucket hat guy.” I googled the specs of the Mammoth hat and, to my surprise, the first result in Google Shopping was a black NLU bucket hat. Perfect! But no, the Merch Czar only had the grey version in stock and I didn’t want two grey bucket hats. All was not lost, or so I thought, because they had a similar looking black bucket hat available - the “Bandon” bucket hat. So I went for it because, after all, I was a bucket hat guy now.

The Bandon hat arrived shortly thereafter with a sampler pack of NLU tees that have since been scattered across Sugar Grove. After tossing the tees to the side, I put on the hat and stood in front of my office mirror. To my horror, I did not look like a bucket hat guy. I looked like a dipshit.

So I set it down on the side table by my mirror, and it has sat there undisturbed for the last several months. Tags/stickers are still on.

It’s going to look great on one of you guys, though. And if it doesn’t, you can use the $50 pro shop credit to buy something you’ll actually wear.


28/72 have re-committed. LFG!


I will get a foursome to Idlewild Country Club for the raffle.


Donated a Twosome to the raffle for Crystal Tree Golf & CC. Me and one of the guys I am bringing to the event will Sherpa whoever wins around!


Can I offer to sherpa someone from the burbs around Waveland?


If I sold a simple black or navy hat with the 2CGC logo on it to raise money for and distribute at Mudness, would we get some takers?

Thinking we need Roost merch and this could be a two birds with one stone situation.

@EConroy419 El Capitan would this be legit? I’d want to do the alternate logo.


Go for it!

Hopefully we have our Levelwear merch by then as well.


I’ve got a trophy to donate to the cause…just needs a new faceplate or base we can use over the years.