LowCal vs NorCal - Copa de California


I’ve been meaning to toss this out for awhile. The last couple years @Rob_Roth and I have casually bandied about the idea of a meetup for a “battle of California” type match. Nothing has come from it. Maybe making a post will spur some action.

  1. location? Somewhere in central California? @Aham13 this is your neck of the woods ya?

  2. when? This fall? Winter? Early 24?

  3. name of event?? Battle of California is taken by our homeys the NorCal Golf Guys

  4. misc discussion?


The California Clásico should be the name.

Monarch Dunes looks cool.


Bunch of cool courses in the area but nothing outstanding. La Purisima in Lompoc is by far the hardest test but that’s where NCGG hosts their event.

Monarch Dunes is a good course; not the best to walk and it is sub-division golf, just like Cypress Ridge.

Morro Bay would be a good fit; walkable and ocean adjacent with (and what I recall) good conditions.

Hunter Ranch is Paso is also another good option but not in the summer when it’s 110F out.

Just my four cents.


That was my lean. Coastal. Roughly halfway between Sf and La. Slo and Pismo have some cool spots.


Can we call it The Secession?

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Morro Bay would be awesome. Love that course.

Let’s do it! Morro bay looks awesome. I think early fall would be great.

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Having played in NCGG’s Battle for California (which is a great event), a couple thoughts.

La P is rough on mid-to-high handicappers. We didn’t do shotgun start the first year and ended up having to finish the first round on day 2.

I’d propose a home and home Ryder Cup-style annual thing given how easy flights up and down are. We host one year, they host the next, etc.

One proposal might be to put it the weekend of the AT&T at somewhere in that area… Friday at the tourney, Sat 36, travel day sunday?


I will spend the next week brainstorming ideas for a name. Best I can do for now is The Cali Clash

For some reason, this just reminded me of that failed ballot initiative like ten years ago to split California into six separate states. Where we are talking about playing would have been “Western California.”

So, The Battle of Western California? Or, The Partition?

For more light reading material: Six Californias - Wikipedia

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As long as So Cal isn’t required to wear LIV shit, count me as interested.


No way orange county gets lumped with San Diego. This is one of the top 3 debate topics in the lowcal group.

I’ll be representing the State of Jefferson


Coastal clash maybe?

I’m definitely interested. I think travel to central CA would be better than home and home. Would rather drive.


Listen, not only did I not write up the ballot initiative, I voted against it, so I’m not the bad guy gui here.




I’m in for this! Fall or early 2024 would be my preference.

Buddy who went to SLO says Morro Bay, Monarch, and Cypress Ridge are good spots. Said he hasn’t played Hunter Ranch but heard its great.

Perusing on google maps, has anyone played Avila beach? Looks interesting

The 49er cup? The grizzly bear?

Motto Bay is very much the peoples muni up there so it has my vote. Super fun, pretty hilly but weaves thru Cypress trees and has an awesome coastal vibe.

Cypress Ridge was fun, a couple neat holes and it opens up a bit on the back.

I think we could call it the California Cup. Home and home alternating sounds fun. I think neutral ground could also work.