Kansas NLU

There’s no telling it’s Kansas lol. We’re expecting a snow by Halloween most years. Highs this week we’re all 90’s, next weekend we’ll be in the 30’s for a low

How’s Terradyne ? I’m super interested in getting out there. Pro at Buffalo dunes told me he can get me on I just haven’t made the time to make it over yet.

It’s getting into a really good fall shape. With how dry the summer was, it got REAL brown for awhile. Some of the greens took a beating, but the super is getting it turned back around. We’ll punch on the 9th. We normally do right after Labor Day weekend, but with the heat, couldn’t afford to have issues.


Terradyne is dope. We hit it in May on our way to Wild Horse and Prairie club in Nebraska. Everyone had a great time. That club house doeeeee


Yes! It’s a great club, really good young membership. Very competitive.

The course was once a “resort”, so the clubhouse used to have hotel rooms in the two floors above.

I was once an assistant pro there, now a member. Much better on this side! :joy:



Oh! The neighboring country club. Almost afraid to ask his name. As I may know who he is.

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What do you think of that course? He’s begging me to come play with him and I really don’t have an interest. Change my mind!

Couple pics from Dunes at the moment and one of the new green complexes coming along.


Crestview North is good. Hosts KFT. Fun track, good challenge and usually in good shape. South is a bit more mundane, some fun holes and usually a good place to play a little banker. Some good risk reward than can be fun. If he’s flipping the bill, worth the treck.

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I really should be more excited about the north course. I just don’t like Wichita.

That part is on you…lol. But if you’re coming down just to play golf, you don’t have to worry much about the rest of time. Crestview isn’t too far off the turnpike and you can eat at the club. haha.

But I understand…kinda.

I like Wichita more and more each time I visit. I was pretty negative at first but I’ve really come to enjoy it. The 3.5 hr drive is also a pretty short 3.5hr if that makes any sense so that’s a plus

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Hate to be that guy, but does anyone have a Decade Golf membership that I might be able to get a PDF for Firekeeper?

When I got laid off I killed my monthly subscriptions, haven’t been able to sign back up and our club is in the Kansas Cup Semifinals this weekend.

ANY help would be Awesome!

Everything’s closed for the first taste of winter now but we’ll be 70 and sunny I’m sure in a week or two. Here’s a recent pic of #7 renovation at Buffalo dunes. One of three of the holes getting a renovation this off season. For those familiar with the hole the water short and right is out and this gnarly waste area is in. I think this will make what was a relatively easy par 5 a little more fun.

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New member from Goddard, just a few miles west of Wichita. Member at Rolling Hills but still play quite a bit around the area with non-member friends. Terradyne might actually be my favorite but too far to be a member. Have reciprocity there so I get there a decent amount anyway. 10+ years ago was a member at Willowbend which unfortunately could use a cash infusion. Other than WCC and Flint Hills I’ve probably played it around here and think its a pretty underrated area for fun golf. Wichita punches above its weight for the target demographics with Koch headquarters and aviation so the golf market is pretty solid.

I’m not a good golfer by any means but I love it and play a lot, looking forward to meeting some folks through the area.


Welcome to the Party, Pal! haha.

Couldn’t agree more with what you said, overall, for a smaller “big city” it does well. I have a good number of friends out at RH, just never get out there to play a whole lot.

Enjoy the Sh!t Sh…I mean refuge! :slight_smile:


We’re growing in numbers! Won’t be long before we have the Kansas “children of the corn” roost!


Now that I’ve been here a week I think I understand what most of that means. Count me in.

I was listening to the December Nest Pod and started thinking already that this may need some kind of split. Great Plains encompasses 4 states and the fact many of us cannot get to a group event or tournament under 2 hours is very difficult. We’re all in no-man’s land.