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Long time listener first time caller. Did a search and couldn’t find a Kansas in general post (probably because we’re boring). Far west Kansas transplant here. Member at Buffalo Dunes one of the finer municipal golf your ball experiences this side of the Mississippi.

I want to travel more to the Wichita area to play this coming year. Love sand creek station. Will try and make it out to terradyne before the season “ends”. Have yet to travel to KC area for golf reasons but I’d like to at some point.

TLDR any Kansas guys in here not KC based and perhaps further west?


@scagnetti @tnord and @sundaybag might be able to tell you more about the Kansas golf scene.




Well well well, Wichita golf just got interesting. My brother (lives in ICT) has been in my ear to come visit and play his club with him. I’ve had little interest in that course and he’s failed to mention this. But now!

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It’s super busy lately, they hosted a bunch of tournaments and the njcaa regional or national championship this year. They’re hosting pre qualifying for q school right now. It’s a great course for the money I think I paid like $38 with a cart which was silly cheap and it was in awesome shape this summer, but the greens can show all the traffic.

The front 9 was much more memorable to me than the back but it played fair and I would recommend it for sure. Some sleeper courses in Kansas for sure. I’m from Arizona and played a few other places but after taking a lot of time away from golf since moving to a “golf desert” I’m glad I found the passion to play again there’s some decent golf to be played here.

we’ve wanted to do an event with the Denver and perhaps Oklahoma Roosts at Buffalo Dunes. It’s long been on my to do list, and other guis in our group have long advocated for sand creek. We are looking to greater involve central and western Kansas in the Great Plains Golf Club…


Theres a temporary green at Buffalo dunes now as they do some renovations. They’ve been very aggressive on that the last few years removing trees, changing up some bunkering, attempting to make it less parkland and more native/links. It’s a great muni for sure. As is sand creek.

As perhaps the only western Kansan here it seems I wouldn’t mind the drive to sand creek if it involved more of the 316 guys. Denver guys could make a stop in garden city for dunes as well if they were up for it.

Keep me posted on anything going on. I have exactly 0 friends that are as golf crazy as I am and would love to expand on that.

I’m Wichita adjacent (Hutch). Sand Creek is a nice course - I wouldn’t mind getting involved if a group got together. I’d like to play Buffalo Dunes at some point; Mariah Hills in Dodge City could be fun also.

I can’t help but think of this when I hear Sand Creek mentioned though.


Mariah hills in Dodge city(shitty) this afternoon. First time playing out here and was impressed for what it was. Greens were still healing but weren’t horrible.

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Seneca, KS, has a gem of a public golf course if you ever find yourself in NEK.

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The Supercell will ride whenever. Wichita’s an easy trip for the Tulsa and OKC guys. Would love to get something on the calendar.


We talked about something at Neosho CC, a Maxwell, just inside the Missouri border from NW Arkansas. Garden City where Buffalo Dunes is, is really ‘close’ to the nexus of each of these Roosts.

In fact the haul from KC might be the longest compared to OKC and Denver. @jskovgaard whatchu think?


Honestly, KC golf is entirely fine but nothing special. I wouldn’t travel here entirely for it. Now, some Chiefs football + BBQ + golf…that’s a worthy trip!

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Very familiar with Neosho CC. I played college ball for a year at Crowder and our alumni golf tournament is there every year. Would be fine with me.

We’d also be fine with coming to KC as long as we don’t play Swope. I know @ABR is itching to get back to Gates BBQ.


Im certainly biased but Dunes would be a fun spot I think. Not a lot going on in Garden city overall but we have a brand new sports bar/grill opening up next week and it would be a change of scenery for most guys lol. 2 temporary greens at the moment would be the only knock.

I’m a new guy to the nest so I’m not sure how far out these get planned but it would be a non issue next spring it does get a fair amount of tournament play in the late spring through summer blocking off most weekends though being one of the only respectable courses within 100 miles . We’re 4 hours give or take from the Denver area fellas as well. Otherwise Wichita area would be awesome with the OKC guys.

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I was initially hoping for fall but this as you can probably tell hasn’t really gotten past the WISHING stage.


Talking with some of the supercell guys, October doesn’t sound like a great month unfortunately, but maybe the first weekend in November if we wanted to try to throw together a quick 1 day event with 36 holes. I’m assuming weather doesn’t start to take a turn that early in November?

Could also push to spring time next year. Either way my guess is we could likely get 8-9 guys up there minimum.


I live in Andover (Wichita 'burb). I’m a member at Terradyne as well.

Sand Creek is usually great. Hosted the State Am last year and usually holds up in the summer heat.


He a member at a club in town?

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