Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

At first I did too, but as my weight went down, so did my points. That’s when I started to love my 0 point chili and 0 point veggie omelet.


Yeah I hit the zero point foods hard, and have some pre packaged microwave stuff at work in case I forget to pack something. Brown rice/whole wheat pasta used to be zero point foods and those now have points but I do have the 0 point chili in the menu as well, with 99% lean ground turkey! The other thing I find is when I’m tracking food I just eat less overall. I mean those are all good things I guess!

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This Thicc Boy has been struggling to start the year. OTF Transformation (End of Jan-Early March) I lost 10 pounds, lost 3% BF and gained 3lb of muscle mass….and then baby #3 came and I haven’t been able to stop eating….I feel like I’ve given everything back.

See food diet has taken over….blah!


Someone buy my big gui stuff.


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I’d held off until after our Stankonia event over the weekend. But for now and hopefully for the long while, I have to officially denounce my membership from the Thicc Boys of the Refuge. I’ve lost over 50 pounds now since start of Oct and am at a BMI of 27. I’ve still got 10-15 pounds to go to meet my goal and be at 200. But it’s wild being back at my weight I was going into college.

It’s been predominately from caloric deficient. My markers were high for the 3rd year in a row at my physical in the fall and my doctor got me on a prescription of Mounjaro. Biggest things I’ve learned from this are my portion control and emphasis on eating healthy calories.


At 94kg (207lbs) I’m a shadow of my former self 18 months ago (128kg/282lbs) and I’m formally handing in my Thicc boy card. Thank you for all the support.


Whats the thicc boy qualification weight?

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Everyone is different. I would say for my height of 187cm/6 1” and body shape, I’m (now) thin.


Hey fellow THICC boys, I want to get into the Yoga scene and was curious what has worked best for the THICC crowd. I know I read upthread about DDP Yoga. Any others that I should look into?


I made a commitment back in January to start doing yoga once a week. Just putting Yoga for Golfers into Youtube will get you some good results if you want to dip your toe in. I have liked the programs from Yoga with Adrienne, Sportskool, Man Flow Yoga and White Wolf.


Yeah Yoga with Adrienne has always seemed to be consensus around these parts. Super approachable videos.

I also like the Nike Training Club app.


I’ve been using the GOLFFOREVER app and 90 days in a yoga workout is plugged in at least once a week. Has worked great to get my core, glutes, and hips activated as well.

Can I interest anyone in a pair of Peter Millar pink gingham golf shorts? Size 42. Tags still on them. Retail for $95. I paid around $75 through my BIL. Would take $50 or a dozen AVX balls.

True to size?

Probably a hair snug. That might be due to there not being any stretch in them. That’s why I haven’t worn them.

I had fully fallen off a good eating/exercise routine in recent months, but have had a really good last 3 weeks. Part of that is we’re hitting crunch time prior to our wedding the first week of November & Honeymoon shortly after that.

It stinks that motivation is so hard to push through for me, but once I get past the initial struggle, I’m good for a good long while usually. I’m finding that staying very organized is really benefiting me. I have workouts mapped out 3 weeks in advance on a spreadsheet with built in rest days instead of just going with logging activity, it’s doing wonders for keeping me accountable. I went so far as to map out available golf days on the weekends and included a section for smaller longer term goals to start including each week. Here’s to staying on track.


Motivation and self discipline have become foreign concepts to me…


Throughout the course of my masters program I’ve gone from 205 back up to 228… recent adjustments have me back down to 220, but I need to buckle back down or it could baloon again going into Fall holiday season.

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You can not rely on motivation as it will ebb and flow. Source - me who constantly fails when my motivation wanes.


this^^ all the motivation in the world won’t do squat unless you take it upon yourself. Love the scheduling aspect as I too am working to get back into more of a “fit” routine.

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