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Nailed it. Or if you don’t have a case you just have it in your hands other than when you’re hitting a shot.

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I love my spider clip. Secure but quickly accessible.


Second for the spider clip. Secure and easy to unclip

I’m thinking about changing camera brands. I was gifted a Nikon D3300 for my birthday 4 years or so ago. I’ve invested in a medium lens and a wide lens, but that’s been it. This is no longer a hobby I might be interested in, and is one I’m definitely going to continue. Thinking about moving to Fujifilm. I do mostly landscape along with shooting on the golf course. Any recommendations or things to be aware of? There’s a lot to consider between sensor size and lenses native to which camera and what not so I would love to hear opinions about anything

If I have a cart and know it’s going to be backed up I bring a DSLR with zoom.

I’m finding that as far as portability, flexibility and image quality the best bang for buck is Sony rx100. Great sensor and pocketable

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The Fuji X-series lenses are all compatible with the X-series lenses. Fuji is pretty straight forward when it comes to compatibility. Also, you may be able to buy a good adapter to continue to use your Nikon lenses on the Fuji body. I use the fringer for my old Canon lenses with my Fuji and it’s great. A little slower with autofocus, but if you’re shooting landscape that won’t be an issue.

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I use a piece of nylon and loop on bag and attach camera using peak design capture. I have a d7000 with an 18-118 and 80-400 if in a cart.


Carrying two zoom lenses feels like alot regardless of in cart or not…assume you keep the 80/400 in your bag outside of particular shots?

I usually leave one on the camera the whole round and switch out if slow or afterwards if there is a shot I want. I only bring the big one if I know I will be in a cart. Majority of shots are on the kit lens, mainly because it’s not too expensive, but produces great images and carrying it while playing it takes some abuse. One of my favorites of last year below.

I do a Philly golf ig account as well:


Awesome! Good stuff to know. Thanks!

I’ve gotten a Nikon DSLR 3500 before a vacation. I’m new to the photography world and spending this weekend in the editing weeds of Lightroom and just fiddling around - any tips/tricks when in the editing booth?

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similar to golf, fiddling around is useful but “lessons” are much better. The great thing about editing lessons is they are generally free! Spend an hour on youtube watching lightroom tutorials and you will know more than you would spending 40 hours yourself.

Tips before you get to the editing bay

  • Make sure you are capturing raw images (you probably know this haha)
  • If you are doing anything with lots of dynamic range (with a vacation you probably will), check out how to capture multiple exposures

Those two things will enable you to do a lot more in Lightroom. Lightroom without those two things is sort of like having a Ferrari with a 45 mph speed limiter on it.


Same sentiment. Learn a few things on YouTube and then go into Lightroom and fool around. That’s where you’ll learn and develop what you like, but you won’t know what you’re doing if you don’t learn something about it first. Once you learn what you can and can’t do in post, that will help you out in the field figure out what you need to get a good image. Enjoy!

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Does anyone have experience with cyberlink photo director suite? I’m looking at doing all my media hobby stuff using their products over Adobe just due to the significantly lower price. ($100/year vs $400/year for adobe). Can’t justify the pro level tools for the hobby.

I’m picking up a MINT fuji XT-1 today, very excited.

Decided to upgrade from my very old canon rebel t2


Nice! I ended up preordering a Fuji XT5. Moving on from my Nikon 3300. Gotta pick up some lenses now. Enjoy!


Has anybody ever printed one of their pictures? I’m thinking of printing a picture I took at Chambers Bay last summer. Thinking maybe a metal print.

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I’ve printed a few for my house, but never metal print. If you have a costco membership their photo services are pretty good, cheap enough you can print some stuff just as a test to see if you like it.

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It’s in almost new condition with all the stock accessories. Came with 27mm F2.8 and 10-24mm F4 OIS lens for $950. I think a pretty good deal considering the $800 worth of glass it came with.


The x lenses are fantastic.