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Stoked to have found this thread. I love pretending I’m a good photographer out on the course.

Here are a few from Wine Valley Golf Club in Walla Walla, Washington.


A few from Mid Pines a couple weeks ago


Good buy. Did you intentionally go small? I wish I would’ve bought a smaller camera.

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Very much so. I can borderline put the camera in my pants pocket.

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Just a friendly reminder, as it pertains to the first post on this thread. The Golfers Journal (TGJ) and all they represent is an incredibly beautiful media that showcases the beauty of golf and of the people who love it through dreamlike photography/imaging and storytelling. They also have a great piece on our NLU boys in No.7. Check it out if you haven’t. I put my perk referral link below.

It’s interesting to me that the membership with the gift is $80 more than the (mostly) same membership sans gift. I’ve been waiting to subscribe, but now is the time that it works out so I’ve never really checked out the membership packages.

A few from a recent golf trip in Ocean City, Maryland


First one is very cool.

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Hey @David_is_Goliath I finally pulled the trigger not to long ago and ive enjoyed it alot and i just have the regular $80 membership and am super happy with it. They give you some linksoul cash and other little perks with the membership (discount for the shop). The podcast and Broken Tee Society platform is cool too. You also get a chance to see what the annual gift is if you really wanted to upgrade to the premium.

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Was clearing out some bookmarks and figured I’d pass these along to all of you. Below are two REALLY good tutorials from one of the best landscape photographers ever, Elia Locardi. They talk through everything from camera settings to step by step lightroom edits. A lot of these editing basics still get used in my day to day running a brand, and figured they would be super helpful for golf photos. (shooting in brackets is a real game changer AS well as doing High Pass for sharpening vs using the sharpen tool)


The Golfers Journal just posted some images of Cypress Point and I am shaking my head at the toning treatment the photographer did to the images. Was it a smoggy day there or something?

I assume the siding on this building is white but the color picker is saying it’s gray.

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That’s VERY much TGJ’s style…which depending on the course and the environment, kinda works.
It’s that late 60’s/early 70’s look and vibe which is “cool” sorta…kinda…

I’m personally more interested in lighting and colors: