Golden Age Classic IV - Saturday JUNE 24, 2023

He was bragging about not losing in 3 years in the comments so I looked him up in GHIN. Only 4 rounds posted for all of 2022. Sure he is a great guy but if you don’t post your rounds your handicap is not legitimate and not fair to everyone else playing to advance.

  1. “Not losing” means his team of 20 golfers beat the team of other 20 golfers.
  2. He plays a ton of solo rounds, both at home and on trips.
  3. I’ve played with him several times and know him very well personally. I know for a fact he doesn’t sandbag, is extremely honest and ethical on the golf course and in real life.

But more than anything, you just came in firing shots and shitting on the event with absolutely zero context about our group, the event, or the person you started accusing out of nowhere. You didn’t even bother to quietly ask some questions or even politely raise a concern, you just wanted to blast your takes off on why this isn’t the scene for you. Which it clearly isn’t, and that’s mutual.

So, happy trails.


Seriously, this aint the place homie.

Yo @DuckDuckHook how much money have you raised for charity in three years now? They’ve got people, including @avess, coming in from Houston, New Orleans, OKC, Little Rock, Tulsa etc. to come play some golf with friends and raise some money for charity. Nothing about this is serious.

Go back throwing clubs in anger during the Men’s league net fourball at the Bridges dude.

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These fucking Jeff’s, huh?

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Man you missed the mark here. Wish you well on whatever you are struggling with.

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Please some of yall back out!! I want to play in this so bad!



@BigPlex given this little interlude here, it’s probably appropriate to say something more broadly.

We love newcomers to our group. We’ve had a lot of great new additions join and play both big events and casual rounds with us the last several months. This place has grown into a wonderful tribe, the events are a blast, the company is good, and personally speaking, it’s been awesome to play so much golf with people who like golf in a similar way.

Yes, we have competitions, and we all try to win, but this isn’t some hardo am tour, and we run the gamut from scratch golfers to indices over 20, all of whom play together and against one another. And we have a fat bell curve of mediocre high single digit to low double digit golfers. We accommodate all of that. Our focus is on having fun competitive formats, with emphasis on the fun, enjoying the company, and to the extent we’re able, giving back to our community by doing so.

This event has a single NIT spot and if you’re a member of the Roost, a single Roost Regional Championship spot. The Roost spot goes to the low net score of the morning round - 1 out of 40. Because it’s a TEAM event, the winning team votes on who on their team gets the NIT spot. It’s really hard to quantify, and that has worked very well within the spirit of the event for the last 3 years. If you care that much about “winning” this, (1) your chances aren’t good and (2) you’re missing the point of what this is all about.

We are transparent and welcoming here. We appreciate suggestions and even criticism for how to make our Roost and events better. But at least make an effort to read the room, get the lay of the land, or at minimum maybe reach out on the side before you start blasting at folks like Danny Devito.


So, he plays a ton of golf but doesn’t post his scores on GHIN, then uses his handicap in events where people are paying and playing to advance to a bigger event….got it👍🏻 all seems legit to me.

Seriously? Did you see the word “solo”? Can’t believe you’re still doing this.

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Hey Kyle, who ended up getting nominated for NIT out of this last year?

You see, it means so much to me that I can’t remember.


It was actually the one guy who we had to force to change teams between rounds and reshuffle pairings after several players flaked midway through, and he took both teams to the woodshed. If that gives you any idea on how serious this is.

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Ah yes, now I recall that.

Also, I’m pretty sure I got roasted in both of my matches.

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Did you try sandbagging?


I’ve played like 6 rounds in the past year :joy:


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And yet you choose to participate in golf society. Curious.


Jeffrey with the egregious takes today.

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The only serious thing in GAC is the ongoing battle between you and @mdavis, that stuff is heated and I pray it continues for as long as GAC lives on.