Golden Age Classic III - June 11, 2022 at Cedar Crest in Dallas, TX

I’ll take a blue hat for the cause. The designs are awesome and I really hope to play in one of these sometime. Let me know where to send the $$.

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Venmo to @kyle-schindler-3. Shoot me a dm and let’s figure out how best to get it to you. Same for anyone else who is interested.

How much are they? I’m having trouble dm’ing you for some reason.

I have been saying $25. But honestly we can probably do an honor system of what you think it’s worth.

After gathering feedback from many involved parties and having at least 54 seconds of spirited debate, the GAC III Steering Committee has reached a consensus on our representative for the 2022 NIT at Jax Beach…

@GrantC will be tasked with bringing the hardware back to BigPlex this year.

A few notable quotes about Grant from opponents, playing partners and the community at large:
“He just has a great demeanor and kept me loose and feeling confident”
“Grant flat out golfed his ball and we had no answer…I’m just glad I could bear witness to such greatness”
“the guy was nails when the lights came on. Any time we had our backs against the wall, he delivered to save my ass and led us to a sweep in points”
“the switching of teams mid-competition was very LIV golf-esque but I get it, I would not have turned down the bag the crown princes were throwing around either.”

bcc @Double_Bogey_Dave


Well deserved!

If he doesn’t bring his 3-ball putter to the NIT then we rescind the offer


Did you just publicize your “bcc” to Dave? Sheesh.

Ah shucks guys…this is awesome. Pulling the reverse Benedict Arnold was risky but I’m glad it paid off.

I will do my best to provide the Big Plex with proper representation.

Any tips and tricks from former NIT invitees would be much appreciated.


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