Getting Hit On... Not a Flirting Thread

Did a quick search about this topic and didn’t really find anything so figured I’d present a situation in a new thread and get some takes on the issue.

Setting: Mid-June round at a local course. Playing in a foursome on a pretty packed Wednesday evening. Pace of play is really slow, lots of slow foursomes and one has to wait at the tees on every hole for groups in front to move on.

We are at a straight 195-yd par 3, and my foursome is playing a scramble 9-hole match with a group in front of us. Nothing official, just 8 friends trying to play for a scaramble round to see who buys drinks post-match. We all tee-off, best ball is one that bounces on green and trickles off the back. All four of us are at the back, hitting chips up onto the green. As our second guy chips on the green, another ball bounces on the green and lands at the feet of one of my partners. One of the jebronis in the group behind us decided to tee off. No fore yell, no warning, nothing.

So my question to the refuge is, what do you/have you done in this situation? What is the appropriate reaction to getting hit on, or hit into by an impatient group behind you?

We were all pretty mad about it. All insights appreciated.


Let it go mostly. At most put my arms up in the air to show a “cmon bro” gesture. I’ve been hit on and been the one who (accidentally) hit into a group. It happens.


Depends, do you carry while playing?


I’d generally agree. It happens. Just usually not on a par 3.


If it has been happened quite a bit I usually tee the ball up where it landed. It’s been the most passive aggressive asshole move I could come up with.


Like probably every golfer who has played long enough, I’ve been hit into and I’ve accidently hit into someone. If it’s obvious it wasn’t an accident I might turn around with my arms out or shout “We’re still here.” But if it could have been an accident, I let it go.


Getting hit into on a par 3 is pretty egregious, and is definitely eliciting a yell back and the international arms up what the fuck hand gesture.

Not sure that’s ever happened to me before where I’ve actually still been on the green.

On a par 4 if it’s particularly bad the ball is usually getting set on a tee to send a friendly reminder message.


is there an exception for driving greens of par 4’s , where one wouldn’t normally reach the dance floor, but conditties allowed for a roll up onto the green? asking for a friend……

i want to say rolling up to them is “ok” but certainly not flying it to them….

open to comments


This is the great conundrum we’re faced with as golfers. If you wait for the green to clear, you’re guaranteed to shank it. If you tee off while they’re on it, you’re driving it all day.


I have experience with this.

First one, wave back at the group and move on.

Second one, wait around and discuss how dangerous what they are doing is and um, how displeased you are with it. Language may be questionable at this point.

Third one, knock their ball into the woods or water nearby and prepare for war.


Zero excuse for hitting into a group on a par-3.

Also, I can possibly understand the guy’s frustration, being behind a group playing a 4-man scramble on a packed course.


I’ve never been hit into while on a par 3. I can’t imagine the situation would be handled “nicely.”

Incredibly douchey, and entirely dangerous move, IMO.


The OP’s situation is pretty egregious. Like most, one time is an accident, it’s ok. More than one - I might need to say something.

Having also hit into groups - almost always on blind shots and when pace is slow - you’ve got to be apologetic (even if they should have already been on the green by your count).

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What would I do? I would go after the entire group. Kill their kids, kill their wives, kill their parents and their parents’ friends. Burn down the houses they live in and the stores they work in, kill people that owe them money. And like that I am gone. Underground. Nobody will ever see me since. I become a myth, a spook story that golfers tell their kids at night. “Hit into the group in front of you, and Keyser Soze/Sergio Tracker will get you”


Hit it back at them


Ive played at courses where they ask you to wave the group behind you up once you get to the green on a par 3. Maybe since you were all off the back, they thought you were waving them up?


It’s not the first time I’ve been hit into and as most have stated, I’ve also hit into groups but never on a par-3. That’s what really got me fired up.

If it was a blindshot or an errand shot, that I understand but this was not the case. Carts were still on the side of the green and we were still clearly standing on the green.

Thinking you’re being waved up is entirely and objectively different than actually being waved up with a physical arm waving gesture.

I’m not thinking I’m getting waved up based solely on where the group in front of me is located.

Man, I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if I get hit into on a par 3. Egregious!

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I would think the person hitting into you on a par 3 actually wants to fight you. At this point, your reaction doesn’t mean anything to the hitter, you’re going to war anyway if there’s even so much as words to each other.

That said, even a scramble can be fast. No mullies, when you putt or chip, first guy follows his shot and marks/goaltends for everybody else, marks it if it’s closer, etc. There’s a way to do it fast, and it’s usually done that way. If your scramble feels slower than that, it probably is.


IDK, if I see all 4 players standing around the same spot a few yards off the green (depending on hole location) I see how it could be interpreted that they’re letting us hit up or play through. I’d personally probably wait for a waive or some other gesture, though

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