Every Golf Course Birdie Every Hole Roll Call

Thought I’d create a spot for the local Jax NLU clones could post their progress on birdie every hole at Jax Beach. I’ve got #3 and # 17

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@Soly is absolutely demolishing the field in this challenge.

is the whole team is in Jacksonville now?

Good looking out. I think we need to update that chart a bit. I know I’ve got a few more!

Soly is off to a big start, but remember that he has to eagle all the par 5’s, which is absolutely in his head already. It’s sick!

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Can we co-opt this thread for everyone doing the home course birdie challenge? I don’t think I’m putting any stakes on mine, but it’s a fun goal for the season.

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It’s the Refuge. You can do whatever the hell you want.


well…to a point.


I mean… have you seen the The Buck Club thread…


First round of the season was on Saturday, and made birdie on #6 (par 4) and #15 (par 5). Both of those are on the easier side at Blackthorn GC, but it’s good to tick a couple boxes the first time out. 11 and 14 will likely be struggles all season long, as I think I’ve only birdied them once ever.

I’ve got a £100 bet on with a pal of mine. Only rule is we must be playing together. We’ve both made 5 more birdies whilst playing with others!

Currently on 3 each. 4 rounds in. There’s much more pressure making birdies now.

We’ve modified this challenge a bit since our handicaps are a bit higher than these guys, but doing Par on every hole, and Birdie 9 holes to start. If we play enough to get through that early enough we will modify but I don’t know if we will.

Either way its a great way to push playing more golf for sure.

that would be a good challenge at my level. Try get at least par on every hole on a particular course

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Yeah same for a couple of us. Honestly I think the idea behind the challenge was to get people out and playing more, and that holds true even if the challenge was altered to Bogey every hole if you were just trying to establish a handicap or it was in the 30 range.

In the end, just get out and play the damn game.

I’m doing this with my regular group at home. 8 rounds in, and I have birdies on 5 different holes. Last year I had 4 holes that I failed to birdie, and the prior year 2 holes. I have one hole that I have never birdied in over 100 rounds there. One of the guys in my group has >1,500 rounds on our course, and he has eagled a dozen or more of the holes, so I am likely going to be paying out at the end of the year, but you never know!

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In the 16 years I’ve been playing WBYC, I think I’ve only birdied #5 once, the rest I’ve done, most quite a few times.

S/O Soly - I’ve eagled 4, 7, 9, 13, 16, but no aces or eagles from the fairway

I am in on this challenge. Home course is Swope Memorial in KC.


since bethpage is half closed because of the PGA, it’s going to have to be Eisenhower Park I guess


I’m in. Home course is Boone Links in Florence, KY. Course opened last week, and I’m 0/18 after the first round.

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Big fan of Swope.

Gosh I gotta get out there again. Had a terrible first trip to Swope. Called this Sunday to give it another go and they wanted $55 for a round + a stacked tee sheet. Tough sledding!