EVENTS CENTER (Master Schedule, Map, Event Playbook & Planning Form )


We’re really excited about the schedule of Events this year! Many are already set, a number are close to being finalized, and of course, we encourage anybody to plan their own!

Below is a useful link to our MASTER EVENT SCHEDULE which will get updated continuously throughout the year as more events take shape and final details are confirmed. This schedule has all the top-level, pertinent information for an event, as well as links to the respective Refuge Threads where the planning and banter is taking place. You’ll also see a tab for 2022–never too early to start planning :grinning:

(Note: If you’re running an event please send @Double_Bogey_Dave finalized details and he will update the schedule ASAP).

In conjunction with the schedule above we’ve also put together an EVENT MAP as a way to visualize the current lineup. Again, if you see a hole in your region, we invite you to organize an event–big or small!


Finally, if you are planning an event, or thinking about planning an event, we have put together the following PLAYBOOK to help you. Please note, if you wish to attach NIT Qualifier spots to an event, or you are interested in creating custom merchandise for your event, please fill out this quick form HERE.

(Note: for general inquires about possible custom merchandise, please reach out to @sundaybag directly)

We hope to see as many people as possible across a number of these Events this year! Craic on!

@Randy @Tron @MerchCzar @djpie @Soly


Quick follow-up, have gotten some feedback that the Events Hub thread drifts down the category page as posts are made in other threads. I’m sure a lot of people know this, but if you don’t, you can manually pin a thread to the top of the category using this button below:

So if you want the EVENTS HUB to remain at the top of the category for easy access, that’s how you can do it.


Updated master events schedule: