DFW Match Play Tournament - Championship Match on 10/2

Starting a separate thread for the match play tournament to avoid confusion with other Texas events.

@DuckDuckHook @mctrees02 @BigTopper and myself will be playing our first round matchups at Cedar Crest on Sunday.

How’s everyone else coming along with scheduling?

Rules Reminder:

  • Work directly with your opponent to determine venue, tees, strokes, date/time for your matches
  • Each round should be completed within 3 weeks
    - Round 1 by 10/26
    - Quarterfinals by 11/16
    - Semifinals by 12/7
    - Final by 1/1

Not required to book a tee time with all 4 people in your initial group but could be a fun way to get to know more than just your opponent


(just gonna say the DFW area event seem like much fun.)


@DadBod @chaser @FWTexas @duckhunter07@angray1997 @BurnerBubble @Toblerone47 @SpiethGotMono @bigslice @Kgilles5 @lonestarguido

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Sitting down with the wife tonight to talk calendar and looking ahead to different options to play. @chaser @FWTexas @NobodiesMedic thoughts on course? Depending on where everyone is coming from, I was thinking either Rockwood or Hawks Creek, but am open to whatever! I like the idea having one foursome with the two matches.


@bigslice and I are getting our match going at Indian Creek on Saturday, potentially being joined by @Kgilles5 & @lonestarguido if he can swing it

I haven’t played either of those courses. I’m coming from 360 & 30 right next to TRGC. I’d be open to a foursome to knock out two matches and meet up with some fellow refugees.

Our crew had been talking about a potential Halloween weekend date but nothing set in stone yet. Is that too late?


That’ll work fine. I just put dates on the deadlines so that we can make sure there’s not too long of gaps between rounds.

Hopefully @Toblerone47 will be able to play so more than just @angray1997 will get to see my costume for the round. Hey, SGS says you have to dress up, rules are rules.


One other thing: As a 1 handicap with absolute zero practice time for a month, I’ll probably get bounced early, but I would love to film something for one of the later rounds of the tourney regardless. Something to get the 'plex a little more recognition.


Love this idea. I think it would be really cool to have everyone meet up the same day as the final too. Create a gallery for them on 18.


@SliceyMcShankerston who was it looking to get in on this? I think me a @Kgilles5 will be able to get our schedules to allign (totally my fault with my wife just tearing her ACL and my weekend golf flexibility down to 0% for the unforeseen future)

would rather someone else get the opp vs. having to forfeit etc.

Aw man, sorry to your wife and totally understand needing to put your focus there. Hopefully we can do more of these in the future.

I think @WhineyCracker52 said he was interested in joining.

Not on the Refuge as much as I should be, but where would one find the info to jump in a tourney like this next go around?


Well let him know that if he wants to be included that he can play on Saturday AM in a 4some to knock it out!

@WhineyCracker52 you still interested and available next Saturday? See above

I second that.

Originally from the Frisco area. Currently in OKC but would love to get involved somehow.

If you’re in OKC right now, I’d check this thread out to meet some folks in your area.

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For sure! I’m in! I’m in for Saturday. When and where? Adding @Kgilles5 as it looks like that’s who I’m playing

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