Da Rap 'Round

Welcome to the Chicagoland Rap 'round season mini match play tournament for fun and internet bragging rights. For this tournament we have 24 contestants competing. Golfers have been broken out into 8 pools of 3 at the suggestion of @wseitz26.

Each golfer will schedule matches with all the players in their pool at their discretion this Fall. Golfers get 1 point for winning the front, 1 point for winning the back, and 2 points for winning the Match. Top 2 point getters from each pool will advance to the round of 16. If there is a tie within a pool, the result of those golfers match will be the tie breaker.

At the conclusion of pool play the top 2 players from each pool will advance to a 16 player single elimination bracket. Seeding will go by points earned. Seeding ties will be broken by a coinflip.

The beauty of pool play, is you have 2 people to schedule matches with, so if your schedule isn’t lining up with one person right away, hopefully you and the other person can get some action going. We still have plenty of weeks of fantastic golf weather in front of us, it would be awesome if we could conclude pool play before Winter really sets in.

Without further adieu here are your pool partners:

Pool 1:

Pool 2:
me (treeputttim)

Pool 3:

Pool 4:

Pool 5


Pool 6
Dan Mann

Pool 7

Pool 8

Happy match play gentlemen.


Tim really angling for that invite to Black Sheep.


Wow!! Are you jealous I didn’t put myself in your pool for a home match at your place? Cause I’m happy to come up any time for a friendly.


Love the setup, feared my schedule would be an issue.


After @BadBrad tore me up on my own track last season, I’m only playing matches at Columbus Park until further notice.


Much easier drive for me, and I know where to miss there.


I’m just lucky the match wasn’t 27 holes because we evened out on that last 9.


I’d be happy to host the whole damn thing up there if it mean I could be there for that long. Pretty much an open invite to this group for just about any time I’m there.


I bet the Michigan guys wouldn’t mind making that drive for a 2024 Brewers cup…

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Been kicking around the idea of a Refuge trip for a weekend, taking over a cottage. Gotta work out the particulars, but reservations don’t go live for 2024 until February or so.


Has anyone else concluded a match yet? Had a fun one with @Jacktus31 yesterday at Makray. Neither of us has heard a peep from our 3rd pool member.

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Good stuff, I have mine scheduled for the coming weeks.

:eyes: We did have two people sign up after the cutoff…if anyone is unable to do their matches they could always be swapped with Dimitre or Mac.

@cjordan929 and I had our match today at Boone Creek, with @Setwilli officiating.

I took all 3 points to rocket up the leaderboard.


I was thinking each match would have a total of 4 points at stake. 2 points for winning the 18 hole match, and 1 point for the winner of each nine. I think if a nine ends all square each player should get half a point. If the match is all square after 18 holes the gentleman should agree upon a suitable playoff based on their time/venue constraints that day, i.e. extra hole(s), chip off, putt off.

Open to any feedback as this is my first time doing this.


Me no read good. Bonus point for me!

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I have to bow out. My brain didn’t put two and two together that three weddings in six weeks means no time for golf. Best of luck to everyone!

@Xlink do you still want in? If so you’re next man up and can have Ethan’s spot in Pool 7 with @RLSIII & @golfscout. Just need to play one match with each of them before winter.

If you can’t do it, the option passes to @BigBird.

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Put me in coach!


I’m in… what is the definition of “before winter”?