Da Rap 'Round

I mean the sooner the better with these things, but that is sort of for you and your match play partners to decide. I’ve played golf in Chicagoland every month of the year so Winter is certainly a relative concept to me. Also the El Nino predictions would suggest we are in for a warm and drier winter here this year…


You can take my spot with @JwG3 and @levnaginsky. I neglected to think far enough in advance that my availability early next year is unlikely to be great in case I advance through the bracket.


@Mr.Sunday and I are playing our match at Sunset Valley at 10am on Sunday October 15th. I booked a foursome so there are 2 spots free if anyone wants to join


@bendersgame wanna relocate our match from Ravisloe to Sunset Valley? We are gonna be playing with two randos at Ravi.


@treeputttim Sounds good to me



It’s 10am tee off and you pay at the course. I plan to walk.

May need to find a driving range near there to warm up

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Perfect! Played it yesterday with Ryan and Vince, and the greens were in fantastic shape after an early September aeration.

they might have some nets you can hit into over by the cart barn


Heads up. @RLSIII mentioned he’s busy and likely out. Maybe he can verify.

Do we have a sub? @Schwelly might be interested.

Yes if someone would like to take my spot please do. I apologize I thought this wrapped around till next Spring.

@jtooley08 and @kmcswain, now that all of my golf travel is out of the way, could probably squeak in a weekend round or two in the next couple weeks, or even a weekday afternoon somewhere. Let me know what you guy are thinking.

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@bendersgame and I played our match today amidst a 5+ hour death march at Calumet that surely violated several articles of the Geneva Convention.

I won a bit of a pillow fight, taking the front 9 3&1, the back nine 1 up, and the overall 18 2&1.


@mlakota and I had a great round at Pine Meadow today. Imagine two grown men on a rickety old timey wooden roller coaster, smacking each other in the face with fluffy pillows.

All square after 9, Matt quickly jumped out to a 3up lead after 3 on the back. I managed to win 13 with a pop, and then we had an unfortunate “wrong ball” situation on 15, after Matt hit an incredible shot from up against the side lip of a bunker.

He followed that up with the mega-est of 5s on 16 to tie the hole. I won 17 to send us to 18 all square, where we both tried our best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. All square was a fitting end.


Sunday would be best for me.

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@treeputttim Do we have a sub for RLSIII?

I got the go ahead for Sunday. Where and when?

Based upon the forecast it looks like anytime we want will be available. I’m in the Wheaton area. Up for whatever.

@rmbartell could also be interested

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Sorry I’ve been MIA, had a crazy week. It doesn’t look like we have a replacement loaded up right now, but I’m optimistic we can find someone. I’ll post in some other threads that we’re looking.

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Village Links is open after 1030 $54 - not sure if that includes cart fee
Belmont open after 11 ~$50
Oakbrook wants $72 lol
Carriage greens has a hot deal for 11 $57 spicy match play course
Klein Creek is a home game for me, be foolish to not toss that out there - $59 after noon
Though oakbrook was bad, preserve still wants $110
Big Run $55 after noon
Prairie bluff $75 before noon, $65 after, but I think that includes cart fee, cheaper to walk

What I’m saying is I travel and have a house hotel this weekend. Weather be damned.

Would also be down for an early tee time if needed, but methinks there will be a frost delay.

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I kinda hated Klein Creek the one time I played it. I’m in Downers Grove, so any of those work for me. Was gonna say Prairie Landing, but they’re punching today and still asking ~$100 on Sunday. Ever played Willow Crest? It doesn’t look terrible and is wide open on Sunday. Also fine with Village Links. Never played Carriage Greens, but it’s intriguing from a WTF angle.

Afternoon probably works better because kids have swimming until 11:00 and then nap after, so my wife would probably prefer that.

Also, 7 Bridges is only $99. That’s a bargain at only $14.14 per bridge!