Cincinnati golfers

What is your favorite golf course in the Greater Cincinnati area?

Avon Fields


Played in an outing there in earlier this month. Great course.


Me and a bunch of friends rented it out one time for the whole day, love that place.


Avon is great, they’ll give you 500 bucks to get drunk if it’s cold enough.


I’m a big fan of Aston. It’s not your typical bomb and wedge course

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What’s up man? Welcome. Seriously go find the thread where one guy randomly challenged another to a duel and we all ended up at Avon for a cold but actually great weekend. 10,000 posts, lots of skyline talk, and ended up raising $20k for a poster’s daughter.

ps, Aston is a cool place, you move near there? Centerline bunker on #3 can go to hell, though.


You asleep or what?

It’s sucks, there’s not room either side

Is there room short or long?

No Laying Up!

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I followed it on Twitter. Sadly I was out of town. Lived in the Cincy area for 25 years. Mostly played NKY courses growing up.

Avon’s getting a lot of love, and as a fellow Witness, it’s well deserved. However, I will be dead before I quit pushing Potter’s Park in Hamilton, just north of Cinci.

Potter’s is an old muni in a charming, historic neighborhood. There is no architect on record; the land was donated to the city by Ellis Potter. Nine holes opened for play in May 1927, with the second nine opening in October of the same year. It’s sub-6000 yards, par 69, with multiple driveable par-fours and some of the best par-threes in the area - legend has it that Jack himself called the ninth the toughest par-three he ever played. In 1954, when Jack was 14, he shot a 64 here to win a local high school tournament; there’s a plaque and a statue near the first tee.

Every hole has a unique flavor; old stone bridges abound, and quiet creeks meander through the property, edged by stacked stone walls. Beautiful houses sit on the hills around the course. The clubhouse itself is old and understated, full of the same history that you’ll see on the course. So many great stories about Potter’s make their rounds through the history and conversations of the Hamilton area.

I could gush on it for hours and hours, but you have to come to this course to believe it. It won’t floor you in the way Augusta or Pine Valley would, but it will charm you like few courses can - maybe even more than Avon (bias admitted). I really want to get a group of Refugees together here; I’d happily start a beef with someone just to challenge them at this course. It’s unfortunately run on some financial difficulty in recent times, but it deserves all the exposure it can get. I’ll keep singing that song as long as I’m alive, you can take my word for it.


What’s up guys, new member of the Refuge and the Nest. Just wanted to let you guys know my wife and I own a driving range in Northern Kentucky, the Stephens Golf Center. Would be interested in organizing some sort of Refuge event or possibly a winter or spring golf league on our Toptracer or Simulator. Let me know if anyone has any interest. Good to meet some fellow fans of quality golf content.


That’s awesome! Welcome to the refuge. Check out the roll call: Ohio thread as well!

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I’m a big fan of Shaker Run myself, even though I don’t play there much. The one nine they’re not keeping up as much anymore and they’ve got some construction going on, but the other 2 nines are really fun in my opinion.


They hosted stroke play in the Men’s Met there last year, and this year they’re hosting stroke play and all the match play. It went downhill for a few years, but I’ve heard there’s new ownership that’s bringing it back. Could be a really great course; the ninth holes on Woodlands and Lakeside are two of the most beautiful par-fours in the area IMO

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What’s everyone’s take on Devou park? Played it for the first time over the holidays. The #dormantvibes were cool but it’d be a tough walk. It’s the closest course to my in-laws house so it gets convenience points. A lot of sub 400 par 4’s though…

Quirky as hell, but there are some fun holes out there for sure. Barely any flat lies. That long, straight, narrow par-5 made me spit out my coffee when we came around the corner though. Talk about a chute!

Only played it 1 time a few years ago and it’s the only course I’ve ever walked off. Took 3.5 hours for 8 holes or so and just was a concrete pad. That condition combined with those hills and chutes made it pretty much impossible to keep it in a fairway.