Chicagoland Matchplay Tournament 2023 - 2CGC Team Qualifier

After my visit to the Greater Des Moines area I learned that we have many members of 2CGC in the Quad Cities area. We need to give them a chance to join in on the fun and have a chance to qualify for NIT/Roost spots too. Anything south of bloomington may as well be STL anyways


is @BadBrad leading a mutiny? It’s a true who can say.


TPC Deere Run?


I could have given you all of the reccs. Shame.

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I will be going back next year to defend my title at Strapped Des Moines so I will need those reccs at a later date


I love this idea.

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The Mayor of Mt. Prospect reigns supreme. Some are questioning if the 3wood is legal, but it carved the hell out of the golf course. I got cocky playing him at home. He won 2 up.


Gonna need whoever plays me next to play at MP because I just got a puppy and am now flat broke.

Great round today with @kmcswain, per usual.

Took down @BigBird today 4&3 at OF North.

I went a quick one down on 1. Push on 2 after bigbird drains a 15ft+ putt. On 3 we both go long but get the best of him to move back to AS. 3 we both find trees right but I find my way out of the mess better, 1 up. I miss way left and bigbird misses right on 4, same story, 2 up. This trend continues with bigbird never getting any momentum.

He did start to stabilize a bit after the turn once he got a couple of cold beers. But I had a double jack…check mate.


Played my second-round match against @OliverLinks and got a bit lucky down the stretch and was able to take the match 2-up. We found ourselves tied after the 16th hole after a back-and-forth match and I got extremely lucky and somehow my approach shot found its way through a tree limb and set up a birdie to go 1-up. Unfortunately, @OliverLinks drive on the last hole seemed to disappear in the left trees which resulted in a lost ball and the end of the match. Really fun day out there at Ravisloe with @Pinehurts as well, a bit chilly at times and the round was somewhat slow due to a frost delay and backed up golf course but can’t beat fall golf.


@Gibbler’s game is something to admire. Putts the lights out and has a smooth swing that drew comparisons to some legends of the game. The weather was great and fun was had by all. @Pinehurts was golfing his ball as well. After he made a nice par on the first he reminded me that if we were still in our match he would have been 1Up. Seeing the formal golf season come to an end is sad but we have a ton to look forward too.

PS. Apparently there will be an arboretum day at Rav this weekend. For any takes, make sure to call the Fired Egg crew and bust out the chain saws. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TREES!?!?!?!?!


Bracket is updated. If I didn’t read far back in the thread enough and missed your match please let me know.

Also, please let me know if your opponent never reaches out to you about scheduling a match. In that case I’ll probably forfeit the match for them and give you the free W. If you and your opponent just can’t make a match work due to scheduling conflicts please reach out to me and we’ll work out a solution. I just need to check what other Roosts are doing.

We’re rolling into year three of this whole “organization” and I don’t have time for anyone that signs up for shit and goes dark. Changes on that front coming soon. What’ll probably happen is if you go dark via Refuge and emails you are not given spots in events going forward and always sit on the alternates list.


This goes for all events.


Need match info from @tmstrods/@joepark, @scottmcconnell37/@wseitz26, @Timdean/@cjordan929, @Mr.Sunday/@RLSIII

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@Timdean and I have been having difficulty scheduling a mutually agreeable time.

We appreciate the shout-out.

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Me and @scottmcconnell37 were planning for an October match, but I got a bit waylaid by Covid and kids. Scott, where are you located? Weather doesn’t look too brutal for the foreseeable future.

Shamefully admitting I didn’t even know I was a part of this (thought I missed the boat)… When do you ideally need us to get the match in by?


You had signed up so that’s how your name got tossed in. Please get your match done ASAP.

Hope you’ve recovered from the ‘vid and feeling better!