Chicagoland Matchplay Tournament 2023 - 2CGC Team Qualifier

Guys - creating a separate thread for this to keep us organized as many people are going to start playing their first matches over the next few weeks.

Also, @Tron @Randy want to get this on your radar for a potential future NIT spot to the winner for 2021.

Details, bracket, etc. can be found through this link. Everything else going forward we will use this thread.


@jimithng23 Holy shit…we could have played our match in Minneapolis

I’ll DM you, cause I have match location ideas

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We also could this weekend

Or at OF



We’ve considered it…but since you/the commitee slotted us together in the first round, we might be going someplace else in the spirit of friendship and queefy-fades

Of COURSE you’ll be invited as well :slight_smile:

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@HardEight and I played our match at Cog Hill yesterday.
I was lucky that a couple putts that seemed to be 100% going in somehow managed to just barely not get there and was able to win 1up.
Close match the whole way with a couple lead changes and neither of us able to get more than 1up at any time.


Posted this in the other thread but @PinkPantser advances against me 5&4. Tough scene.

@Hoiball and I played our match today out at Mt Prospect. I was lucky to squeak out a 1up victory (I was on Stephen Ames watch 3dn thru 3). We didn’t halve a hole until the 9th which was kinda wild, lots of back and forth. I wish it were because we were exchanging birdies but that was sadly not the case…

Bailey and I played together in a scramble about a month ago so we knew each other’s games a bit but we both played quite poorly. He can move it and I was lucky to get him on a day he didn’t quite have it with the irons. The 18th was a bloodbath, I’ll spare everyone the details. All that being said it was a fun afternoon


On an utterly delightful day at Olympia Fields (shoutout Chicagoland Refuge MVP @TheAbeFroman) I beat NIT qualifier @JAD. I think a month of dominating his fellow Refugees at Sweetens and Cog Hill had worn him out. If I’m being less magnanimous, it might have been some karmic retribution for him calling off our previous date w/ “COVID-like symptoms”. Not until I arrived at the first tee did I find out that he had caddied at OF for years! Some might be suspicious of such a convenient coincidence, but I live to uphold the Gentlemanly Standards of the Game and would never dream of casting such aspersions.

@baldvinny it’s on!


Rumor has it the other match had to go to a putt off…


It did indeed! @notorious83 got off to a fast start in our match, going three up through three after playing the opening stretch in one under, including a near hole-out from 200 yards with hybrid on two. Over the next eleven holes, I couldn’t make any progress from three down; every time I won a hole, he charged back on the next. A well-timed stroke on 15 gave me the edge to crawl back to two down, but that didn’t stop him from pushing me to Dormie 2. He graciously conceded a putt to give me the win on 17 after neither of us played the hole well, and with a gallery watching on 18 I saved par and squared the match with a long putt after leaving my bunker shot on the front fringe.

We proceeded to the putting green for a sudden-death putting competition. @delaney served as our neutral arbiter selecting the hole. He chose a devious long putt from the back shelf snaking down toward a hole in front. I was feeling pretty good after leaving my opening putt eight feet short. But @notorious83 put everything to rest when he rolled in the putt of the day from 60 feet.

It was a fitting end to a well-contested match. @notorious83 was the more consistent player over the course of the day and deserved to move on to the next round. I’m just glad I kept it competitive. He’ll be a tough competitor going forward!


It was a great match. You should get “Never give up, Never surrender” tattooed on your forearm! It was a pleasure playing with you.


To whom it may concern:

Today I vanquished @jimithng23 5&4

The headline reads:
@TCRBrad 3 putts 2 greens, and 4 putts one. Wins 5&4


“Vanquished” is a gentlemanly way of saying “completely and totally vaporized.”


In a match that was almost too good, @BigBird took me down on the 20th hole.

Great time playing with @BigBird, @jimithng23, and @TCRBrad.


Absolutely all-time day with great guis.

Thanks for the opportunity to play your course, @Wyclef. Just an outstanding golf course and facility.


Except the lack of Popeye’s on the way back…tough scene at the DeKalb oasis

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1/4 pounder with a nugget side car and a chocolate shake audible hit the spot.

@Ballgame and I got our second round match in today.
We were sure the heavy stuff wasn’t going to come down for a while, so we played MPGC today.
We were wrong. The heavy stuff came down, but fortunately not for very long and we only dealt with a little rain for most of the day.
I rode a fully capitalized upon handicap advantage to a 3and1 win as I won 5 of the 6 holes I popped on, and despite my best efforts did not give it all back before we ran out of holes.
Had a good time despite the weather, and it was fun playing with new internet friends again.
@Ballgame and his better half were in good spirits and fun to be around in conditions that were not very fun. And another fun loop with @EConroy419 too.