Charity Raffle for South Carolina is Hot! Hot! Hot! Wednesday July 21st 8:00PM EST

Time to raise some funds for a charity near and dear to my heart: Pawmetto Lifeline: About Us | Pawmetto Lifeline

Palmetto Lifeline is a no-kill shelter in the Midlands. They do a a lot of great work with cats and dogs all across our state. All three of our dogs have been shelter dogs and they mean a lot to us. Our first was Fenway:

Tickets are $5 each. We’ll hold the drawing Wednesday the 21st of July at 8:00PM EST. When you are drawn, you will have three minutes to pick your prize before I move to the next entry. If you get in after the three minutes----you can pick from what is left after the current pick but before the next.

I’ve added a tab to the spreadsheet to track who has bought tickets, etc. Be sure to include your Refuge handle with your payment.

Raffle items are:

Eliott Bag Company event head cover (also still available for purchase)

$100 Halls Chophouse Gift card from @EZmiss

DL3 signed Workday hat

1 bag of Methodical Coffee from @abefroman

1 bag of Methodical Coffee from @abefroman

2XL Masters Performance shirt (white)

Dozen premium balls from @LukeBoatright

Dozen Srixon Z-Stars from @tres_carlos

A Giftcard for Villains Golf ball markers from @Darikashi

NLU merchandise from the guis

Players Championship putter cover from @Big_RanDeer

Nest head cover from @6thFairway

Dozen Pro V1s from @OTPLefty

Candle set from @OTPLefty

Foursome at Country Club of Lexington

Pin Flag from 2017 PGA Championship from @tres_carlos

5 Performance Hats w/NLU logo (off center)

RWB or BW NLU Towel with NLU Sweden’s Cove Tees from @CSquared07

Rival and Revel Silo Club Carrier from @6thFairway

4 pack of new anthem beer from @AirMailWedges

Pics coming early next week. Also still accepting items!


Fenway LOVED me.

Thanks for your effort!

Not only did I make the raffle list this time, I got bolded bolder than others. Really feeling the love now

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Are these special aroma therapy candles that will magically fix my wretched golf game, @OTPLefty?

If so, count me in.

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That is in the medium-term manufacturing plan, but no. My “daughter” (my ex-common law wife’s biological daughter) makes candles and has a store in our hometown. These are just lovely candles, a la Yankee or Bath and Body Works. But superior quality, natural ingredients, and handmade.


$5 for a shot at winning Boatsy’s premium balls. Talk about the deal of a lifetime.


Awesome. That’s so cool. The Mrs. is always complaining about not being able to find candles that “burn right”. If I win, I shall select them and pass them over to her. (Which will also carry over favor for these Refuge events I’m trying to get to…)

Thanks man. Just paid from my wife’s Venmo.

Usually you have to pay double for that!


In and sent via PayPal.

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Great cause. These two Covid Cats (Bruce and Birdie) came to our family from Pawmetto Lifeline as a Halloween 2 for 1 deal last year.


@drv4show Just sent payment via Venmo

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Adding a pin flag from 2017 PGA to the raffle list. Generous donation by @tres_carlos !

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Also—if someone wins the Hall’s Gift Card who cannot use it, I will pay face value for it. I’m going to spend it there anyway.

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A picture of my premium balls. Just for you @JamesHCard


Most disappointing tag of my life



Here are the DL3 autographed WorkDay hat and Masters 2XL polo:

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