Big Cedar Lodge Meet-up (Branson, MO): Nov 11-13

Hello Refuge,

I am the Director of Golf Sales & Marketing for Big Cedar Lodge, and an on-again off-again nest addict. Lately, I have been off the wagon (or on the wagon… I can’t ever remember which is which. Seinfeld-style).

@chrismarz once hosted a Big Cedar meet-up in 2020. I remember meeting several of you at Buffalo Ridge and everyone had an awesome time. Last year, we weren’t able to do an event due to availability issues; no doubt driven by @Randy & @djpie’s historic diplomatic venture into the heart of the Ozarks. (PS. the proud Skunk tribe send their well wishes.)

@PushCartGodfather recently reached out to me about getting some merch ordered, and it made me want to get the event back on the schedule. As some of you know, we have had to lockdown our booking window to 30 days for guest staying off-property due to an insane amount of demand, but we are going to ignore that for an NLU meet-up event this Fall (NOT PART OF THE NIT). You’ll be able to crash together in an AirBnB if you prefer, and the golf will be at a better rate than you will get off the streets.

So let’s do this! Come see the course @djpie called “extremely handsome” (Ozarks National). And marvel at the property @Randy called “the McDonald’s of golf courses… and not in a good way” (Payne’s Valley). I’m not sure what else I can say to get you all on board. The reviews speak for themselves!

How to Reserve Your Spot
For now, the event is limited to the first 20 people that sign up. First come first serve. A valid CC# will be required to hold a spot. To reserve your spot, please email me at

The Schedule
Fri 11/11: Buffalo Ridge at 11:20AM (18 holes)
Sat 11/12: Ozarks National at 9AM (18 holes)
Sat 11/12: Top of the Rock at 2:30PM (9 holes Par 3)
Sun 11/13: Payne’s Valley at 9AM (19 holes)
Sun 11/13: Mountain Top at 2:15PM (13 holes Par 3 Walking-only)

Total Price
$660+tax for all 5 rounds including carts/push carts, range balls, and the complimentary turn station food at BR, ON, & PV. This event saves you a few hundred bucks compared to booking it yourself.

I realize these dates are after our peak season and the courses will be browning, but we don’t have many days left available to book this year. But if the timing is right with Mother Nature, you will have great color on the trees which makes for awesome views.

And of course, I want to throw out a special invite to any of the NLU boys to make the pilgrimage. @Soly @Tron @djpie @MerchCzar @Cody @sundaybag @Randy (The Big Guy is dying to see the updates, I’m sure)

Going forward, we can explore doing a bigger and better event during prime season dates in 2023 based on how this event fills up.

Also, If anyone is willing to sign up to be the “Group Leader” (ie help with communication between the group since I won’t be playing with you all), I can probably make it worth your while.

More info on the place here. Hope to see you all this fall!


I love NLU, I think I’ve seen/listened to every single piece of their content that I can find. I love and respect the honesty that they give, especially from the big guy. But after visiting BCL last summer, this take is dead wrong. Payne’s Valley slaps. A little Disney-like maybe, but the visuals are too stunning to hate it. And the course is just fun.


I’m going to have to be so much more helpful around the house to earn the brownie points necessary to make this work…


damnit this is the best time of year to hunt

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Had a blast last time and looking forward to heading back, but think I’ll have to skip out on a mid-November trip.

Have fun anyone who can go - Mountaintop in the afternoon is the best round out there.


Won’t know if this will work with my schedule for a month or so but will certainly be monitoring the situation. Thanks @ubjokin23 for organizing.

The first foursome is filled. 4 to go!

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I’m in

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@chrismarz how we feeling about the weather? If it recall we were around 22nd of October? And all I packed was a 1/4 zip pullover. Even with all the eating and drinking that weekend I think I lost like 4lbs which I can only attest to all the shivering I did :cold_face:

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Also thanks again Matt. That was an awesome trip. Really appreciate the help and for the kind send off at Buffalo ridge. Can’t wait to get back (maybe in 8 short months)

October/November are spotty here. Was pretty cold on the last meetup but the next week was 70° and sunny. Very hit and miss that time of year.

Note: Went back and checked. I only lost 2.5lbs. But lost 1.5% body fat. Considering I ate 6 hot dogs at Payne’s alone I find that a remarkable feat.

Maybe I’ll start a weight loss regimen where people just sit in a 40° for an hour and shiver the fat right off…


Especially in Missouri. This trip is opening weekend of our 2-week rifle season.

Put my name down today! See y’all in November.

I’m in the Branson area for most of the summer if anyone local wants to play other courses in the area as well (or in NWA).

Only 9 spots left!

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Love everything abut this. Currently working through the process of making it work, thanks for setting this up Matt.

Are there any spots still open for this?

Yes, 12 spots are booked, so 8 open spots remain.

We’ve had a few guys that have reached that are interested but they still need to finalize their bookings.

I will need to discuss this with my wife…happens to be my birthday weekend…in a place where I would LOVE to go…

I just got back from a big cedar lodge bachelor party trip and got to play all 5 courses. Paynes Valley was an incredible amount of fun, especially since all 11 of us in the bachelor party played 19 together.

With that said, it was my 4th favorite course of the trip. Buffalo Ridge was beautiful and struck a great balance between scenery, playability, and a challenge. Mountain Top was an incredible walk and a with a little wind became my toughest round of the week. Ozarks National was the best golf experience I’ve had in a long time. Fun, challenging, scenic, simple.

Not sure I can go in November, but I’m super high on this place and can’t wait to go back.