Bent at the Crook - Shepherd's Crook (Zion, IL) 09/30/2023 (Update Post 318)

Hi All,

Even though it’s still 5 months away, wanted to get convo started in a new thread.

There’s still a lot of details to be determined, but for now we have confirmation for 40 starting at 10AM on 10/16. More details can be found on the sign up sheet, currently 8 open spaces remaining.

Scoring would be done through Golf Genius (everyone would be sent a code from the course) and live scoring will be displayed on the indoor and outdoor TVs

Scoring/Format: No idea. Would not qualify for 2021 NIT, but possibility to have a spot for the 2022 NIT

Charity: Boys and Girls Club of Lake County

Cost: Roughly $85, subject to change. Breakdown is in the spreadsheet

Any and all comments/suggestions/compliments/insults are welcome


Did some Googling and it seems like we could probably get merch made for the event through Cutter and Buck. Obviously we just need a logo and then to reach out to them to see about prices and deadlines.

I love my Mudness merch and there’s probably some cool things we could do incorporating the Shepherd’s Crook logo with maybe the Chicago flag or the NLU logo. Just a thought.


I would like to join if there’s availability. Added my name to the spreadsheet

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@ChiFFI someone dropped out so I moved you into the field.

Sweet but think I’m tentative pending Iowa v Purdue football attendance.

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Two months away. Any strong feelings about format?

  1. 4 or 2 man best ball gross and net
  2. straight individual stroke play, winner for both gross and net
  3. Shamble

Please also reconfirm you’re in good to go for 10/16

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In. I vote net/gross stroke play, the patio there lends itself to constantly refreshing the leaderboard on your phone while watching groups come through 18.

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@Pinehurts I am out, 7-year old is turning 8 that day. Big blow, NLU at Shepard’s will be quite the gathering.

In, pending ride availability. Anyone willing to pick up a straggler in the city? Live in the loop but willing to get to wherever is convenient.


2 man best ball net would be fun!

If this event is anything like @TheAbeFroman and mine’s match earlier this summer we are in for a treat

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You’re good!

@camgriff2 You’re in

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I’m sure one of the loop/adjacent guis can help with a ride. Worse comes to worse, metra and I’ll grab you at the Zio station.

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Tentatively in. Not sure if our son’s b-day part will be that weekend or the preceding.

Also, 2 man best ball net would be great. We haven’t done any team stuff in these parts.

in for team play

In. 2 man net best ball sounds fun!

I’m in

In for team format as well