Alamo Duel - Charitable Update (Post #3544)

I posted a picture above. Someone just link it over.

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I blame IG for not putting up the entirety of that video, but its a minute long and includes an interview with @desertduffer after he drains the recall. Things were moving quickly that afternoon and the story must not split the whole video like I thought it did when I selected what I was adding. Scummy.


@TexasWedge regrets the error…

he made up for his sins though


If need be I can run it back today so we get the full thing. I’d like the chance to fix that :+1:

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If you don’t say “draw” you are stupid.



on a draw, the image is your club face turning over the ball

on a cut, the image is your club face turning under the ball


If my club face goes over, I top it.

If my club face goes under, I chunk it.

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How do you set your club up to draw it?

The club face is pointing more toward the ground. It’s de-lofted. Hence, the idea of the club turning over the ball. It’s figurative.

The opposite is true for a fade.

It’s why it’s easier to low draws and high fades than it is to hit high draws and low fades.

You can argue all you want, but you will still be wrong.

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translated for @gatorz7888 :



If you live in a two dimensional world and ignore the direction from which the club is coming to the ball, sure.

The ball is in the air hundreds of yards away, the club isn’t relevant anymore.

FWIW I think playing tennis before golf has poisoned my mind for this. Over/Under will forever be topspin/backspin for me. The idea that you can swing “over” a golf ball in any kind of productive way makes no sense in my brain.

In tennis, for a right handed player…

…which way does a top spin shot curve - left or right?

…which way does a back spin shot curve - left or right?

edit: the most typical kind

I can make either go either direction? I don’t really understand. Golf swings are really only comparable to a forehand backspin shot, which I’m normally hitting to the right simply because of the height of the shot. But even then, if I’m hitting “under” the shot closer to the ground I’m really bringing the club to the left of the ball.

What if you have no control over where your ball goes? Asking for a friend…


In that case, just yell “get down dammit!”

I’m well versed in that one.

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In that case, you just get turnt.


Just like I can hit a draw or fade high or low in golf.

It’s figurative terminology that has a standard nomenclature. If you want to go against that have at it.

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Y’all should’ve played it like I did. Pulled driver off the top branch of the left tree, a couple cart path bounces to ~65 yds out in the left rough. Easy par.

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