Alamo Duel - Charitable Update (Post #3544)

You can buy a spot :slight_smile:

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He used some fancy electronic thing called Venmo. Promptly paid his bill

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excellent #protectthefield

Jeez if you had texted me I would have given you more ha ha

ps. Before I get accused of being some asshole trying to buy my way in - I’m joking and would never play in anything I did qualify for.


*Must be present to claim reward

I’m sure the NLU boys will do another at some point. Bide your time…


I was joking and think you guis did great in having so much fun and entertaining us to. You deserve at least one person at the finals if not more for your wonderful camaraderie which was very apparent from a far.


San Antonio: Golf Town U.S.A.

Going to bed after a magical day of golf. Wanted to post my experience at The Duel.

I’ll start by saying @jbrooks and @Snellspace put on a helluva show. It’s not possible without the support and energy of the right and honorable combatants @BaxterMSP and @desertduffer who were all-world to hang out with this weekend.

Great to see the Kline Cup remain in California- the only home it has ever known- and what a deserving buckle winner @desertduffer was. You could see it in his walk; he meant business.

Brackenridge is a course you could play 100 days in a row. Incredible restoration and an absolute must play if you’re in San Antonio. The framing was gorgeous on that course. You really gotta see it sometime. Nothing like it.

Had a nail-bitter match w/ @Ghaddon. We both shot 77 but I eeked out the 1-up win on 18 (I think @the_korn_ferry was low on the day w/ 75.) Also got to watch @HellerHighwater and @Snellspace bomb the shit out of the ball which was fun.

The Par 3 was the second best Par 3 course I’ve played behind The Cradle. Green complexes for days. The ace by TexasWedge was kind of predictable with so much good karma in the air (over $3K for Magdalena House.) Massive Big Up to @Hala-Mark-Rey for securing a spot through charity and bmb430 for winning a spot with low net. Great stuff by Mark and Bryan.

These are incredible golf trips. Shout outs to the first international players @JoshBres from England and @Sarah from Vancouver. Enjoyed playing w/ both of them this weekend. Gotta say, when you add it all up (golf, party scene, ability to rally) Sarah probably takes home MVP honors. What a rally at 755am today by Sarah.

Can’t wait for Detroit.
Can’t wait for Aiken.
Can’t wait for Jax Beach.

You guise are a trip. Love every second of these weekends.


Congrats! It’s gonna be a blast.

That was the most fun 2-days of golf I’ve had in a long time. I absolutely loved hanging out with fellow golf nerds in a great city and seeing some killer tracks.

These events are the best thing about the Refuge and if you’re having FOMO, all you have to do is #GetInvolved. It’s a welcoming group. Can’t wait to fly to another event soon!


Happy to contribute to #charity and am the proud owner of the absolute slickest club I will never hit again. Massive shoutout to @cgroom for getting this thing made—it’s insanely well done.


I love golf so much, you guise


I’ll have more detailed comments tomorrow. I. Need. Sleep.

8:30am tee time tomorrow at TPC San Antonio.

Spent the past 45 minutes with @DuckDuckHook and @Zocco trying to turn off the water at the casbah. Shower handle broke and there was no way to turn it off. Lol.



It’s been a weird one for sure. I also backed into a car on the street and got sniped in the shoulder by a hosel rocket in total darkness by I think @brandlescramblee


I’m shy and incredibly hesitant to go to one of these things, but the more threads I go through the more likely I am to pull the trigger and show up at one of these. Looks like a ton of fun!


Do it. Youll be happy you did.


Thanks @Snellspace (And any other chairguis) for putting on a great event and all who contributed to to their merch, bag tags, yardage books, etc.


Such a great time this weekend at my first official Refuge event. @desertduffer was a worthy opponent, generous host, and slightly less of a scumbag in person. Really a great guy and blast to hang out with this weekend. Can’t wait to see the Michigan gear I’m required to wear when he makes it up to MN.

Big thanks to @Snellspace and @jbrooks for being awesome chairguis. Did a great job this weekend handling what can feel like a thankless task. Kudos fellas.

All of my playing partners over the weekend were top notch. @Lazstradamus Sarah @HellerHighwater @VelvetSteve @imsocrabby @TexasWedge, along with our two NIT qualifiers. @Hala-Mark-Rey and I didn’t have the game yesterday morning but what a great walk and big ups to him for being generous to benefit charity. @bmb430 has a swing that would make Coyne blush and deserves his spot at Jax Beach.

Huge kudos to the Kill House for their support in holding these events. I have a feeling once the final numbers are crunched, we will have made a real difference for Magdalena House. We appreciate it fellas.

Final thanks to everyone else for coming out and making the weekend one of the best I’ve had. It was so much fun meeting you all, an absolutely all world group of people. Completely exhausted from trying to keep up with :crab: at the Lonesome Rose Friday night, but it was all worth it. While technically dead at the hands of an unsavory opponent, I look forward to the next event. Baxter out!!


One last update…just got upgraded to first class. Sorely needed and nice of Delta to have pity on a dead man.


Visited the Alamo before our Par3 fun last night… Thought this was fitting. @BaxterMSP


Can’t remember who said it, but loved this quote from a team member after my guise bested Team Duffer:

“You died so we could live.”

And live you did gentlemen.