A thread for the Texas folks

Last time I was out there was a couple months ago but it was post the freeze. Seemed like they did okay with that, can’t speak to it after all the rain we’ve had though.

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I played there about a month ago. Like @SpiethGotMono hinted at, the rain made it really muddy and some greens were in a tough spot post-freeze. But for a weekday walking rate of like $15, it’ll play great.

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Get to play Pine Dunes tomorrow anyone else going to be there?


Luna Vista was really in pretty good condition. Minimal burn from the freeze. The course is a nice routing and was a great walk. The onto downside is it’s loud out there. With all the construction activity right outside and bordering on a shooting range there’s not a lot of peace and quiet.

Extra spot today at Sherrill Park course 1 at 12:16.

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We’ve had a few spots open up for this last minute if anyone else is interested in signing up, put your name on the sheet (we’ll update it later tonight) and/or DM @mctrees02 and me.


tried to send a DM, but your profile is set on private

Go to send messages and manually enter my username and it will let you send me a message

Had the opportunity to play in the Fort Worth Mid Am this weekend. Saw more than a few nest towels on bags so I’m betting a handful of you played as well (only guy I knew was @WhineyCracker52 so sorry if I didn’t recognize the rest of y’all). Just wanted to give a shoutout to how fun of an event it was. The Rock and Pecan Hollow were in top tier shape, 4 hour rounds both days, some incredible scoring, and every guy I met was nothing but friendly. 10/10 will play again, although I will be working on my handicap to get out of the championship flight cause I do not have 67-68 in me!


@GrantC was out there, and I’m pretty sure he came in 2nd in Flight #2!


Anyone have any insight on golf in/around Fredricksburg?

Lady Bird is a quaint track. Boot ranch is fantastic if you have connections

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No connections here. Didn’t know if LB was good or if we should drive somewhere closer to Austin

I like Lady Bird a lot, there is also Buck Horn in Comfort and Commanche Trace in Kerrville


Buckhorn is a good deal. It’s been in great shape for the price the few times I’ve played it.

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I would second Kerrville and Buckhorn. I’ve played a lot at Kerrville and it is a very fun muni. If I remember correctly, Buckhorn is a little more pricey but very fun as well

I think Buckhorn, Lady Bird and Scott Schreiner (Kerrville Muni) are all about $50. Comanche Trace I believe is around $100+/-.

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I’m a big fan of Buckhorn, some fun holes and a pretty low stress course.

I was ready to win the scorecard playoff but when they sent us to the first tee I quickly crumbled with a 3 putt bogey.

Hard to beat 4 hour tournament rounds though!


Commanche Trace looks awesome. Is it private? I don’t see anything on the website about booking tee times other than stay and play packages