A thread for the Texas folks

Ugh, I need to update the spreadsheet. I am unfortunately out gents. I got invited to a buddies ranch this weekend and just cant pass it up. It has a 13 hole golf course on it and gonna just be us out there with our families…just cant pass that up…so intrigued but what this is even gonna look like. (apparently there is routing for a full 18 holes)

I will post tons of pics afterwards…golf weenie at half staff just thinking about it.


Not sure I can make the Thursday Zoom “parings party”. But really looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. It should be a good time!

Feel free to PM me any details I need!

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No worries we will post the groupings afterwards.

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Sorry guys, had something come up for Sunday so I will not be able to make it out there. Was really looking forward to meeting some of the guys but hopefully I will out at Sweetens!! If something else comes up in the future I will be sure to make it out for that one.

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Thanks for letting us know. @DuckDuckHook and I are also planning to be at Sweetens. Glad to here there’s another Dallas guy in for that.

We have an actual Refuge/NIT Event Thread now, so this thread can go back to being a community area about Texas golf.


Has anyone played Tour 18 in Flower Mound recently? I know it has been in pretty bad shape for awhile but curious what it’s like now.

While we’re at it, has anyone here played Vaquero in West Lake? I know that it’s a private club that went through (might still be in the middle of) some stuff with their CFO but I’ve always been intrigued by that course just based off of the google maps images I’ve seen.

I think it’s been discussed here but I couldn’t find it. What are some of the recommended club fitters in Dallas? Would like it to be hitting off grass if possible. My birthday is coming up and thought I’d ask for a driver fitting or possibly irons. Thanks.

Vacquero is up there with the most exclusive in the state so good luck finding anyone you know that has played there.

With regards to Tour 18 I’ve seen some pictures recently that look… not so good, I’ve never been able to justify the price point when i hear such bad things and you can go to places like the Tribute, Pecan Hollow, and Stevens for cheaper

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I live near tour 18 and wouldn’t waste your time. It’s fun to play a couple of the famous holes but i think you’ll leave feeling like your money would have been better spent elsewhere.

I have a friend who is a member at Vaquero and have played there a few times. I really enjoy it but don’t consider it to be the best course in the metroplex. I think the overall club and exclusivity factor are what makes the price tag so high. I don’t mean to downplay the course, it’s really good but not the best in town. The overall experience is awesome though.


My preferred club fitter is Frank Hartwick at Sellinger’s in Addison but it’s all done indoors. He works with most of the local tour players and high level amateurs (of which I am certainly not one) and has been doing a great job for many years. If you want somebody to make you feel great about how awesome you are at golf…that’s not Frank. If you want to know that your clubs are built exactly to the specs he gives you and not just built by the manufacturer and quickly checked on the way out the door, then he’ll get the job done.

In the winter time, don’t be surprised if you run into a 3 time major winner whose lost his way in recent years hanging out in there. He was a customer the first day they opened (while still in HS) and Frank handles all of his clubs other than the putter which goes back to Scotty Cameron if any adjustments are needed.


I’ve played Vaquero. Typical Fazio course…nothing spectacular. The club itself and the experience there is fantastic…just average private club golf though.

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Have you gotten out to Driftwood GC yet?

not yet. they keep telling to come out and see it…just haven’t made the time.

I think half the holes are grassed.

Honestly not too impressed from pictures and what I’ve heard. Know two guis out there trying to make some time as well.

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Shout out to the NLU fans at the DAC!

I like Fazio courses, but I agree with @imsocrabby that Vaquero isn’t that memorable as a course. Mountaintop, Mirabel, Wade Hampton all impressed the heck out of me. Vaquero is a very nice track, but not in the same class as some of Fazio’s other work.

Undoubtably a great club to belong to though.

2/22/2020 - San Antonio
7/19/2020 - Dallas
??/??/??? - Houston
??/??/??? - Austin

Who’s got this?


I would love to do a Houston event…preferably before the baby comes in December. We could probably snag a slot of tee times at Gus Wortham.

Memorial Park would be ideal too…would have to book 30 days out and pay the $15 advanced booking fee. I’d be curious if we could even get a block. Houston Open is early November too so we’d have to take that into consideration.


How can I help make this happen?

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