2023 NLU Texas Cup (still) at Pine Dunes - May 5th-7th

It’s that time again, we’re getting reservations booked for the Texas Cup, once again back at Pine Dunes.

We’re brewing up some ideas to take the event to the next level, but the foundation we’ve built will be the same. 36 players, 12 each from Dallas, Houston, and Austin/San Antonio, ryder-cup style. We’ll run a raffle before hand to raise money for a charity of Austin/SA’s choosing, so be thinking about getting some cool donations, too.

Same as last year, doing a little ranked-choice voting here for weekend selection. Please pick your best three weekends. The captains are going to try and take all this into consideration, and then also balance against when PD might give us the best price, and/or when they’re not already booked.

  • April 21-23rd
  • April 28-30th
  • May 5-7th
  • May 12-14th
  • May 19-21st (Note - PGA Championship weekend)
  • May 26-28th (Note - Memorial Day weekend)
  • June 2-4th
  • June 9-11th

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Things to think about in the back of your head, and to post opinions (rational or otherwise) here.

  1. All constructive ideas for improvement are more than welcome. No one is allowed to mention pace of play, or the shitty logo. Post 'em here let’s talk about 'em.

  2. I got a VERY early price for a food truck. Would adding ~$100-$125 to the cost of the weekend be worth if if the food truck could make us six meals over the weekend? (dinner friday, B-L-D saturday, and B + lunch boxes Sunday)?
    2a. Also realize it’s not a totally new cost, as we wouldn’t have to handle cookout on Friday after the round, or the breakfast buffet or burger buffet we paid for last year. Those added up to between $30 and $45 bucks a person, so the incremental cost is less, and the food can’t possibly be worse.

  3. Do you want more ways to gamble?

@SpiethGotMono (DFW) and @CARAID (HOU) are your other captains, along with yours truly. Got questions, post 'em up here (after you vote on weekends).


Love the food truck idea. It would be nice to roll in on Friday and not have to worry about getting that crappy grill started.


How does one get invited to this? I’m a Houston area guy.

I have not been but the answer to #3 is always a yes.

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Excited to hopefully get in on this. Missed the first two due to scheduling

We’ll open a signup sheet later in the year, perhaps at the beginning of the new year. In the spirit of the refuge, we decided after the first year that first-come first-served is the ethos of this place, so we don’t hold spot (save for the captains). There’s always a hefty wait-list, and both years have seen about 40% turnover from the initial 36 players to the 36 that ended up at PD. When the registration opens, there will be either a google form or a spreadsheet to throw your name on. We’ll probably take deposits this year to help solidify spots (allowing subs to pay their fee to the person they end up replacing, of course), but those details will come when the reg list drops.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Definitely in for food truck

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Something else that I think should be considered when picking dates is that May 14 is Mothers Day. Especially since we will have several new dads playing in the event


In for whatever the great minds organizing this even decide. I reserve the right to complain later though.


thanks for pointing this out … great catch.


Fuck that grill


es verdad.

I like the food truck idea

Also, I know a guy that lives a 1/2 mile from the course. If we need boots on the ground for planning/setup I can probably enlist his services.


All I want for Father’s Day is to be able to play golf on Mother’s Day. - Tony Kornheiser


I used to do this before we had kids. It’s a cheat code for pace of play on a spring Sunday morning.

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Looking forward to trying to get on the sign up sheet.

I’m from NW Louisiana and would love a chance to meet some of y’all. There aren’t any many, if any, members of the nest where I live. If there are please let me know!

Pine Dunes is about a hour 45 from where I live so it would be perfect for me! My little brothers future FIL is a prominent member from S Carolina who has begged me to #getinvolved for a while now. Hopefully, this is my chance!

Im also in NW La and love Pine Dunes. Definitely in if there’s room

I’m ready when you boys are! Bring on the Busch Lite!

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