2023 FcF Matchplay

Hello @FreshCoastFlock,

There is still some snow on the ground in SE MI but it’s now time to sign up for the 2023 Matchplay. Special shoutout to @Jalspurg as our returning champion. Signups are open until 4/1/2023 when round 1 will begin.

Rules generally follow the standard FcF event/quota rules with the exception that any specific disputes and strokes given should be resolved between the two match participants during the match. Any issues in scheduling, rules on course, or accusations of being a scumbag can be brought to either myself or FcF captain @paroutfromhere for resolution.

  1. Each round will generally have 3-ish weeks to complete matches. Please report your match date and results on time in the sheet. I will post here when updated pairings are ready.
  2. Format is Net 18 hole match play. 9 hole matches are allowed if there are issues scheduling. You should have tracked handicap - GHIN or Grint or similar
  3. Pairings will be region based for the first few rounds to help minimize travel. Last year we had roughly 5 regions - Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing, Jackson, Grand Rapids which worked well.
  4. I will redraw a ‘second’ round for anyone knocked out in the first round but will generally focus my efforts on the main bracket.

There is a matchplay specific tab in the sheet which will be used for pairings.


Looking forward to it again this year!

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New to this. How do I sign up for the match play? Just add my name to the doc?


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For the love of god please don’t sign up if you can only golf Tuesday at 10am or something. Last year I know the first round or two were a nightmare for some people trying to schedule matches.


Last call - right now we have 48 people signed up which divides neatly into a final 3 shootout. If you thought you had signed up but don’t see your name on the sheet let me know! Round 1 will be drawn tomorrow afternoon.


First round pairings are ready, please complete your matches in the next 3 weeks - deadline Sunday 4/30. Please let me know if you have scheduling trouble. I’ve tried to keep everyone close to home in the regions. We ended up with an odd number so our previous champion @Jalspurg is getting a bye into the second round.


Silly question so I don’t do something dumb -
You mention quota rules, but also net matchplay. Is there anything with the quota here? Or is that more of a nod to the handicapping and whatnot?

No a dumb question at all. There was a post outlining local rules for the quota game (red/yellow/white stakes, etc). The idea was to follow that but ultimately since it is matchplay it’s up to the two contestants (as well as any markers playing along) to determine strokes and rules.

ahhhh gotcha ok I hadn’t seen that! I was just looking at quota as in quota hah

Hey, I connected with my MP partner Nick. I can’t make the dates that work for us. I wanted to make sure If someone on the wait list has more flexibility. Had a few work trips come up.

Sorry for the late notices. We went through 3-4 date options.

Lmk if I should do anything else.

I’ve had a couple other folks reach out - will look at the list again tomorrow and see where we can do some repairing. Thanks for the heads up!

I should be able to jump in if someone needs a match. I missed the sign up for some reason but I’d like to do it again. I’m an eastsider, Sterling Hts. And pretty flexible.

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Still have Saturday afternoon at Lake Forest if anyone wants to jump in with @57_Flavors and I. Heckling encouraged.

FYI - end date for round 1 matches is extended to 4/30 to allow for some of the scheduling issues to be worked out.

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My matchplay partner isn’t responding, can I get paired up with someone else or I could play @cgill?

I’m down. DM incoming.

@wfriedman15 - let me know if you can still play or are dropping out.

My apologies. I dropped the ball, I rarely check the refuge. I am still down to play.

Posted to the slack yesterday but round 2 pairings are live in the google sheet. Matches due by 5/22 ( Monday after Maxamania so let me know if you want to be paired up at the event for your match).

A few remaining round 1 to be played as well.