2022 NIT Event Applications

Hello Event Planners,

As 2021 winds down, we are now headed full steam into 2022. Same as last year, we have created an official application process for events to be considered for an NIT Spot(s). The application is linked at the bottom of this message and will give event planners information on what is needed in order for your event to be considered for NIT status.

A couple of guidelines for submitting your application:

  • Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2022
  • Event must take place prior to October 3, 2022
  • Event planner must be a Nest Member
  • Event tee times should be secured
  • Provide Estimated cost
  • Size of Field
  • Format
  • Charity
  • Any Apres Golf plans
  • If you need/want help with merch

NIT Spot Allocation Guidelines:

  • The number of spots confirmed 1 month before your event will determine the number of spots we are able to allocate to your event.
  • There are a finite number of NIT spots available. We will do our best to accommodate as many events as we can
  • In the event that your event does not get a spot, we will put the top finishers on the alternate list.

Link to Application:

After applying, a member of the team will reach out to you to confirm details, NIT status, and follow up on any items you need help with or anything that needs to be clarified.

If you have any questions prior to filling out the application or need help in any way, please contact me directly.

As always, thanks for #GettingInvolved


Don’t screw this up, @MrVinegar206.


Sweet, the Abandoned Dudes Classic has it’s name in the hat!





March Mudness 2022 officially engaged.


When will the 2022 calendar be posted?


Sometime after the holidays

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G’day DBD, is there a calendar anywhere in existence as yet please? I should be visiting the US at some stage this year and looking to see if there is anything within range of the in-laws at the times we may be there…



Updates coming soon? :eyes:



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Hey @Double_Bogey_Dave, would it be helpful to have our year round Match Play events registered? I see a couple questions on the list that would not have definitive or N/A answers due to how we’re running it.


Any update on when NITSpots will be announced?

Has the calendar been posted yet? I admit I am a moron when it comes to navigating a message board

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one of us


Quick Q for anyone who has hosted/is hosting one of these tournaments.

We’re doing a Quota game and are looking for the right tournament scoring app to help us power this. 18Birdies tournaments doesn’t. Golf Genius does but doesn’t have a free plan. BlueGolf, just no. Pinz doesn’t seem to.

Anyone have any magical app they’ve used for live scoring in the past with diverse format types?

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We’ve used Google Sheets to let people update their scores during the round.

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has that worked well for like…70 people? a bit worried about folks entering into the wrong rows. or did you create a separate sheet for each player?

This is where I nominate @MrVinegar206 for his fine, fine spreadsheet work.

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Yes and no. Usually it gets entered afterwards by the persons collecting scorecards, but have also been to ones where people entered it during the round.

Doing it live worked well last year in Greensboro, but there is room for error and I might have a tab for each foursome that feeds to a Master Sheet

FWIW, I think it’s better to not know and just guess by what people are saying on the WhatsApp.

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