WNY/CNY Official Matchplay Signup

Attaching the match play signup sheet. Going to cut it off soon. Will do a notice. If we get a good amount and split we can split east and west. More info very soon.


25 or 50$ per person (maybe get a trophy, or gifts plus donate some of course.

18 Hole Handicaped Match Play.
*Random draw for first round matches. If we have enough from east and west we can split the bracket.

(The lower handicapper plays as zero and the higher
capper plays off of that number.)

Course choice: Be reasonable on location.
*1st round higher handicap picks course
*2nd round lower handicap picks course
And keep swapping each round until the championship.
*if same handicaps, will do a random draw for course choice

Play from any tees each player chooses. Handicap adjusts accordingly of course

Let’s try to secure a nice course, private or public.

You will be responsible for getting
the round in, in time with the person you are playing against.

Open it up to friends or just keep it small and mainly Refuge affiliated this year?

That’s what i got so far. It’s basic and should be simple enough.