Wildhorse: Our Year Long Wait for the Crash Course is Over...kind of

Rough plan is to drive out to Gothenburg from Omaha on Friday the 17th. Play somewhere on the way, @Hala-Mark-Rey mentioned Firethorn. Then play somewhere Saturday morning. Then play Wildhorse saturday evening. Wildhorse says theyve got an event that saturday, but i’m guessing its their club championship since thats about the time i’ve played in it in the past, and will be done by 3-4 or so. Then i’ll kick the ever loving shit out of @gatorz7888 on sunday. At some point we’ll need to invade the Brady bar. Redirecting...

I have the cabins on site at Wildhorse booked for friday and saturday night.

Weekend peak pricing is $648 a cabin (there are 2), each cabin can sleep 8.

Comes to about $81 per night per person.

The cabins are confirmed under my name right now.

If we get more than 16 folks, or if the cabins arent your style, i recommend the Comfort Suites, i’ve stayed there about a hundred times and its all you need.

As for Saturday golf, i’d like to throw out Awarii Dunes in Axtell, NE (walkable) or Heritage Hills in McCook, NE (not walkable imo). Both are a little drive, but well worth it. I personally would rather do Awarii.

If anyone gets into town early let me know, there are a handful of places i’d like to propose nearish to Omaha. Been awhile since i’ve played Arbor Links in Neb City, but i can get us on without issue.

I can set tee times in March.

Link to sign up sheet is here


I am 100% in.

Preliminary thinking is I’d drive down and stay in the area Thursday night.

Down for golf all the way through Sunday.


Sounds good. I’ll be off Friday for sure, possibly be able to get a few guys out for golf in Omaha thursday if anyone is interested.

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I am going to go over our summer vacation plans with the wife this weekend.
I am taking 6 weeks off over the summer and will be trying to make this apart of the itinerary.

My birthday is July 8 so gonna swing this as my gift to myself.

Count me in.

Will be flying from Atlanta likely Friday AM to Omaha.


I’m trying to be in. Please hold a spot for me.


Count me as tentative.


As long as no aging rock bands are coming to town around this time, I am remarkably interested.


Imma let this slide for now. But it’s been noted and will be addressed in due time.



I’m a tentative, too.

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Right now am staring at:

Charlotte in March
Detroit in May
Omaha in July

I think that’s proper Gapping


I’m in for sure. I can get us on at Firethorn Golf Club for sure. I’ll find out their event schedule for that time and see if there are any conflicts.


Proper, indeed.

Color me interested. I need to see the wide open spaces of the plains again


I’m tentative right now but very interested.

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Also would like to be in. Wife’s birthday is the 21st and we don’t have her summer work schedule. So it’s 50/50 at best. Would love to drive and hit BCN on my way from Tulsa.


My wife ran over a broken sign post in a snow bank yesterday and shredded a tire. I drove over, gave her my car and changed the tire, went and got a new one put on, and then talked a guy into a good deal on two new tires, instead of the one.

She’s generally cool, but I’m going to say that played a role in this response. Hahahaha. Better book my flight now.


What a gal.

Awesome. I havent mentioned it to my wife yet.


I’m probably in and you’ll probably get a good contingent from Denver who can drive up

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